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Kurganets-25 IFV (Object 695)

Published: December 11th, 2017     
Kurganets-25 IFV (Object 695)
Reviewed by: Gino Dykstra, IPMS# 11198
Scale: 1:35
Company: Panda Hobby

Russia seems to be having a surge of military development these days, suggesting some expansionist policies which go far beyond the scope of a model review. What this offers for the modeler, however, is a wide range of interesting equipment never seen before. The Kurganets-25 IFV is a good example of this. Heralding back to the BMP-2 and -3 of the previous generation, this new machine seems to be the epitome of both defensive and offensive capabilities, literally festooned with sensors and targeting electronics. The spaced armor enhances survivability on the battlefield, while its armament makes it a worthy opponent for most challenges it might encounter.

Metal Landing Gear for Academy 1/72 F-15E

Published: December 11th, 2017     
Metal Landing Gear for Academy 1/72 F-15E
Reviewed by: Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1:72
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC)

We at IPMS continue to thank Ross and his Team at SAC for supporting the IPMS USA reviewer corps with what has turned into a monthly release schedule with extremely useful and well-thought out landing gear additions for the modeling crowd out here in the modeling world. What started out as an "I don't know if they will sell" idea a few years ago has flourished into a busy worldwide trade for modelers seeking just a bit more out of their model accessories...

This review is for the SAC landing gear released for the relatively new 1/72 F-15E from Academy. This kit is a jewel; there are two areas needing true replacements for a contest level model, that being the "featherless" open afterburner nozzles, which are supplied simplified, and the rather thick one-piece canopy over the extremely well-detailed cockpit. Those issues are for others to address... SAC provided us three metal parts to replace the kit-supplied plastic gear.

U.S. M113A1 ACAV

Published: December 11th, 2017     
U.S. M113A1 ACAV
Reviewed by: Andrew Birkbeck, IPMS# 27087
Scale: 1/35
Company: AFV Club


As a young man in the late 1960's living in Canada, each weekday night I used to watch "The CBS Evening News" with Walter Cronkite. This was my window on the world, so to speak. And it seemed that almost every night the first thing that I saw through this window involved "the war in Vietnam". Mr. Cronkite would tell me how many US troops had been killed or wounded, and then I would see a video clip from a correspondent in Saigon, or in some rice paddy somewhere in the countryside. Vietnam, I thought, was a place I didn't EVER want to visit. Often in the background of the television videos, there were TWO objects regularly seemed to appear at some point during the newscast. One was a helicopter, often many, and the other was an M113 APC. These apparently, were the chariots that the Americans rode into battle, be it on the ground, or in the air.

USAF B-47 "306th BW(M)"

Published: December 10th, 2017     
USAF B-47 "306th BW(M)"
Reviewed by: Jim Pearsall, IPMS# 2209
Scale: 1/144
Company: Academy


The B-47 was the first swept-wing jet bomber in the US Air Force's inventory, serving the USAF from 1951 to 1969. The US Navy flew some EB-47Es until 1977. Development began in 1943, and the design changed several times until Boeing came up with a 6-jet aircraft with the engines in pods under the wings. Because of the size of the engine pods, the main landing gear was set up as a "bicycle", with 2 main gear under the fuselage, and smaller outriggers under the engine pods. With this setup, the B-47 could not rotate the nose on takeoff. The main gear was set so the aircraft sat at optimum takeoff angle at all times. The B-47 was subsonic, but extremely fast for a 1950s, setting a number of time and distance records, with speeds around 600 miles per hour.

Another personal note: When I was about 10 years old, my Uncle Leroy took me and my father to Lincoln AFB in Lincoln Nebraska. This was also part of the civilian airport, and we got to watch a B-47 do touch and goes from the top of the terminal building. I was impressed.

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