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Model Art 946, August 2016

Published: August 27th, 2016     
Model Art 946, August 2016
Reviewed by: Mike Lamm, IPMS# 50139
Company: Model Art

Model Art Modeling Magazine is an excellent monthly from Japan providing an abundance of modeling subjects in each issue.  It doesn’t matter what your modeling focus is, each issue will provide something of interest for you, and more than likely, you’ll find something interesting that you didn’t know you would.

The magazine is published in Japanese, but even if you can’t read Japanese, the photography is really fantastic and the old saying “a picture says a 1,000 words” is very true.  Each issue includes enough “work in progress” photos for even a layman to be able to follow along.  The photos of the builds highlight many of the tools, materials, and techniques used by the master builders for each model built.  Although, I’m sure something is lost in translation, the photos go a long way in explaining the builds visually.  Honestly, sometimes I find myself spending as much time looking at the many advertisements as much as I do on the work in progress photos.

P-38 Lightning Early Armament

Published: August 24th, 2016     
P-38 Lightning Early Armament
Reviewed by: Phil Peterson, IPMS# 8739
Scale: 1/72
Company: Master Model

Master Model has released three new gun barrel sets for the P-38 Lightning, one of my favorite aircraft. This one is listed as the early version with 4 x .50 cal. Brownings, with drilled cooling jackets & early and late 20mm cannon tips. These are mostly seen on early versions of the plane but the instructions have photos of some later birds sporting the drilled cooling jackets, so check your references.

The detail is beautiful with drilled out jackets and barrel ends. The early 20mm also has some additional detail.

Construction depends on which kit you are using. Many have separate barrels so these are just simple replacements. Other kits (like the Hobby Boss) will need to have the original barrels cut off and holes drilled for the barrels. Either way the detail on these is much better than any of the kit guns.

The instruction sheet shows a few period pictures of P-38 noses and a top view drawing showing the differing barrel lengths for the .50s, and the difference between the 20mms.

Thanks to Master Model and IPMS/USA for the review kit.

Meteor F.8 Landing Gear

Published: August 23rd, 2016     
Meteor F.8 Landing Gear
Reviewed by: James Corley, IPMS# 35138
Scale: 1/48
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Scale Aircraft Conversions specializes in white-metal replacement parts, now including the 1/48 Airfix Meteor F.8.

The set includes 10 parts with the following breakdown:

  • Nose gear main strut
  • Nose gear retraction strut
  • Nose gear wheel housing halves (2)
  • Main gear struts & wheel housing halves (2)
  • Main wheel housing halves (2)
  • Main gear retraction struts (2)

These parts are drop-in replacements; the white metal parts actually are

the equivalent to several plastic parts, and interchangeable as they fit the plastic parts almost perfectly.

Fw 190A-8/ R2

Published: August 23rd, 2016     
Fw 190A-8/ R2
Reviewed by: Mike Lamm, IPMS# 50139
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard

I don’t think the Focke Wulf 190 needs much introduction, so I’ll keep it short. When introduced in 1941, much to the surprise of the RAF, the fighter design was found to have excellent maneuverability, while being rugged and well-armed. The design went thru a number of changes, with the FW-190A-8 version becoming the most produced model. The FW-190A8/R2 was noted for its increased firepower, with 20mm cannons being replaced with 30mm ones, and increased survivability due to additional armor in and around the cockpit.

Eduard’s Weekend Edition kits normally follow the release of their Royal Edition, and Profipack kits and consists of a scaled back version of the loaded Royal Edition and Profipack. The Weekend Editions include plastic sprues, and usually one or two decal options for the finished model, whereas the Royal and Profipack kits include photoetch, brassin, and multiple options for finishing the model. The difference being that the Weekend edition provides the same quality plastic, just at a lower price.

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