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Curtiss P-40 B/C - US version - Browning .30 cal and US type Pitot Tube

Published: September 25th, 2017     
Curtiss P-40 B/C - US version - Browning .30 cal and US type Pitot Tube
Reviewed by: Pablo Bauleo, IPMS# 46363
Scale: 1/48
Company: Master Model


Master Model from Poland specializes in turned brass aftermarket details. In recent releases, they have added small resin pieces and small photo-etch parts making them a multi-media aftermarket supplier.

This particular set is devoted to the 1/48 P-40 fans, which many of us are. The set provides PE sighting rings (4x), sighting bead, pitot tube and pitot tip (resin), .30 cal browning cooling jackets (x4), and blasting tubes (x2). The blasting tubes can be installed with either a straight edge or with a tapered edge at the business end of the tube.

The pitot tube tip shape and the cooling jackets make this set appropriate for the P-40B/C in US service.

As you can see from the pictures the detail of the parts is superb. Well defined features and in scale. Please note that the resin parts do not have pouring stabs and they have a little bit of 'flex', making them slightly more resistant to handle than the standard brittle resin -and that is a good thing for heavy fisted modelers like me!

Brassin R-73/AA-11 “Archer”

Published: September 22nd, 2017     
Brassin R-73/AA-11 “Archer”
Reviewed by: Paul Brown, IPMS# 24085
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard

The R-73 (NATO designation AA-11 Archer) was designed as a replacement for the R-60 (AA-8 Aphid) close-in dogfight missile.  The R-73 is an infrared homing missile with thrust vectoring and has been exported to a number of air forces around the world.

As a follow-on to its previous release of the R-60/AA-8 Aphid missile set, Eduard has now released the R-73/AA-11 Archer.  The set includes parts for 4 missiles, including seeker caps and engine covers as well as 4 P-72 missile rails.  A nice touch by Eduard is that in addition to the missile rails, the set is designed in a modular fashion, much like the actual rails, so you can construct the appropriate pylons for both the MiG-29 and the Su-27 simply by installing different pylon mounts.  The set includes enough of the pylon mounts for you to construct four of either type.  I elected to construct two of each for illustration purposes.

German Cargo Truck L1500S

Published: September 22nd, 2017     
German Cargo Truck L1500S
Reviewed by: Bill O’Malley, IPMS# 46473
Scale: 1/35
Company: MiniArt

This is a nicely molded kit with lots of detail. The kit is delicate with many small and fiddly parts that require patient assembly. This will build a nice truck but requires working with some very small parts.


This kit is the civilian version of the Mercedes L1500S 1.5-ton German cargo truck.

4101 of the trucks were manufactured from 1941 to 1944, and light fire fighting vehicles were the most common variant. Many of the others were used as trucks for civil & commercial applications.

MiniArt originally issued the kit in 2012 as a military cargo truck. The vehicle has been re-issued in several other versions including a personnel car, 2 fire truck variants, a 4 x 4 car, and two variations of a military cargo truck.

Kit Contents

The kit is nicely packaged with bags for the sprues, and a separate small box for the truck cab. This version of the kit has 688 parts and includes accessory wooden barrels, milk cans, beer bottles with crates, and milk bottles with crates. Over 300 of the parts are for the bottles and cargo accessories. There are color and detail options for eight different trucks:

British WWI Fighter Aircraft in Poland: Bristol F.2B Fighter, RAF S.E.5a, Sopwith 1F.1 Camel, Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin, Martisyde F.4 Buzzard

Published: September 20th, 2017     
British WWI Fighter Aircraft in Poland: Bristol F.2B Fighter, RAF S.E.5a, Sopwith 1F.1 Camel, Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin, Martisyde F.4 Buzzard
Author: Author: Tomasz J. Kopański, Illustrator: Janusz Światłoń
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Company: Mushroom Model Publications

Tomasz J. Kopanski authors the latest in Mushroom Model Publications' series of aircraft used in the Polish Air Force. Tomasz has done several volumes in the Polish Wings series, including Volumes 3, 7, and 17 in addition to several other Mushroom Model Publication books. This includes MMP's Barbarossa Victims: Luftwaffe Kills in the East (2001), Kosciuszko Squadron 1919-1921: American Volunteers against the Bolsheviks (2003), PZL P23 Karas (2004), PZL P.11c (2013). He has also worked with Kagero, writing the Legends of Aviation 3D on Fokker D.VII: The Lethal Weapon (2012).

Janusz Swiatlon, a native of Krakow Poland, is an aviation history enthusiast and military modeler. He has retired for the Polish military after serving with the 6th Airborne Brigade. He has a long history of being published as an illustrator and as an author for many magazines and books from publishing houses as Osprey, Kagero, AF Editores, Chevron, and Mushroom Model Publications.

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