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The Splintered Empires: The Eastern Front 1917-21

Published: October 13th, 2017     
The Splintered Empires: The Eastern Front 1917-21
Author: Brit Buttar
Reviewed by: Ben Morton, IPMS# 47301
Company: Osprey Publishing

That Thing You Do! is a 1996 American musical written and directed by Tom Hanks in his directorial debut; he also co-stars in it. Set in the summer of 1964, the film tells the story of the rise and fall of a one-hit wonder pop band. The film also resulted in a musical hit with the song "That Thing You Do". (Wikipedia)

One of the more memorable lines from the film involves one member (Steve Zahn) of the band, reflecting upon their collective fate, asking another member (Tom Everett Scott), "How did we get here?" His response is "I led you here, sir, for I am Spartacus."

It is often mentioned that the execution of the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo by Serbian nationalists was the catalyst for the beginning of the First World War. While that event did have an effect, forces were already in motion prior to that circumstance that really laid the foundation for that war.

P.K.H. Nutcracker "Kampfgruppe BALCK"

Published: October 12th, 2017     
P.K.H. Nutcracker "Kampfgruppe BALCK"
Reviewed by: Bill O’Malley, IPMS# 46473
Scale: 1/35
Company: Hasegawa

The Maschinen Krueger universe was created by artist Kow Yokoyama in the 1980's in a series of cartoons about the repopulation of planet earth after nuclear war, and subsequent battles for control of the planet in the year 2882. The Earth's Independent Provisional Government was formed by the colonists resettling Earth, and they were challenged by the Strahl Demoktatische Republic, who were sent to quell the colonists. The colonist's Independent Mercenary Army used Armoured Fighting Suits to devastating effect, and the Strahl's Defence Force developed the unmanned Nutcracker to counter the fighting suits.

Hasegawa originally issued the Nutcracker in 2011, including two figures. This new release of the Nutcracker is the same kit without the additional fighting suit figures. Four marking and painting options are provided, including the rectangular camouflage scheme on the box cover.

5IDF Shot'Kal Dalet with Battering Ram

Published: October 12th, 2017     
5IDF Shot'Kal Dalet with Battering Ram
Reviewed by: Dan Brown, IPMS# 47967
Scale: 1/35
Company: AFV Club

In the late 1950's the Israeli Defense Force was faced with an ageing armory consisting mainly of up-gunned M50 Shermans from the end of World War II. To update and modernize this fleet of vehicles they purchased second hand Centurion Mark III and Vs. They were quickly upgraded to local specs and were named Sho't ("scourge"). The Sho't series of tanks served from the late 1950's to the early 1990's in Israel's arsenal, through a number of upgrades culminating in the Sho't Kal Dalet. The Sho't Kal Dalet came into service sometime around 1985 with an upgraded laser range finder and thermal gun sleeve.

Foose Custom Cadillac Eldorado

Published: October 9th, 2017     
Foose Custom Cadillac Eldorado
Reviewed by: Jim Stepanek, IPMS# 48016
Scale: 1:25
Company: Revell Inc.

Chip Foose is one heck of a designer and his 1948 Cadillac Eldorado is no exception


A fuel injected big block Chevy engine fits nicely.  I had a set of Cadillac valve covers that I like better than the kit pieces and they fit so well.  The entire engine goes together quite well with no flash to clean off.  The old school Caddy air cleaner is a plus.


Door panel and dash engraving was very crisp and easy to detail paint.  Side panels are separate pieces which makes for easier painting.  The interior is also flocked.  There are no options for the interior.  It's either kit or scratch build something.  Why anyone would want to carve up the beautiful interior is beyond me though.


I modified the body by stripping the chrome off the bumpers and molding them in; added dual quad headlights and a grille from the parts box.  The rear fins were shaved down and taillights filled.  Then a slit was cut along the trunk line and taillight added there.  Pearl-Ex antique silver was used and covered with a 2 part urethane clear.

BLU-27 Fire Bombs Finned

Published: October 8th, 2017     
BLU-27 Fire Bombs Finned
Reviewed by: Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1:32
Company: Videoaviation

Videoaviation is a small company out of Italy manufacturing big things; in this case, they provide large scale modelers the items missing from many of our 1/32 models to bring them to life, particularly in a diorama setting if you have room!

Having built their Dash-60 Power cart earlier this year, I was aware of the quality of Videoaviation products... and this continues with this simple, effective set of two firebombs.

The BLU-27 firebomb set will produce two, Vietnam-era Napalm with stabilizing fins. The BLU-27 was utilized as an effective anti-personnel weapon during a war where the world was less concerned about environmental issues. Common employers of this weapon were the A-26, A-1, F-100, F-4, and F-105 (not so much when their mission changed later in the war). I don't know if these were certified for use on other aircraft.

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