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When to paint?

IPMS/USA Forum - 10 hours 50 min ago
Good morning, Working on an airplane model and there are several steps where all of the individual pieces are painted the same color (for example the two engines that have to be assembled). Perhaps a simple question for you: should i paint after assembly of that step or on the sprue. i ask because some of the tiny connections cannot be easily masked (by me). I would love to hear thoughts on this. thanks, Stuart

Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito -need interpretation

IPMS/USA Forum - Sun, 2020-10-18 12:50
Hello, I need to get an interpretation of the attached. I wanted to show you where i am in the build and a close up of my question. Am i supposed to cut a hole to the shape of the shaded area? Typically they provide a bit size to make holes. If so some advice on doing that would be greatly appreciated. This is my fourth 1/32 scale model and by far the most complicated given my experience. One more question. Do you ever put on decals before the model is completed? I am especially wondering about the stuff that goes on the bottom of the wings/fuselage for this model. Stuart

Frog, 1/72, P-51A

IPMS/USA Forum - Sat, 2020-10-17 15:14
Here's another trip down memory lane. This kit dates from 1970. For those not familiar with FROG, they were making wooden model aircraft kits as far back as the 1930's and were one of the first to transition to all plastic kits. The name, FROG, stands for "Flies Right Off the Ground", as most of their early rubber band powered models did. I had to do a little research as I knew very little about this a/c. It's got an Allison engine instead of the later Merlin and came with two 20mm cannons, although the British models exchanged these for four 50 cal. mgs. From what I read, it was not intended to be a fighter-bomber, rather as a pure fighter, so the hard points under the wings for ordnance were removed. HOWEVER, obviously, Frog intended the kit's parts to suffice for both versions, so they compromised, using the mg wings, but including rather clunky bomb racks under the wings. So, thinking it looked cooler with ordnance under the wings, I ground off the kit's bomb racks and substituted ones from a Blenheim kit. In addition, even though the racks were there the kit did not come with bombs, so I pirated two from the same Blenheim kit. The rest is OOTB with the exception of the decals. The ones in the example I got were too far gone to salvage, so I used ones from the spares box. The invasion stripes are painted on. I don't know how accurate the outline and/or dimensions are, but it looks like a P-51A to me.

The Covid-19 Effect

IPMS/USA Forum - Wed, 2020-10-14 19:03
We all know how this miserable virus is affecting all of our local and regional meetings/contests and especially the 2020 National Convention. But there is a trickledown effect on many levels, including job losses, reduction in income, loss of all income, etc. One of the most crucial impacts...obviously...is food and the ability or lack of same to buy it. In my own area, just an hour or two ago, I was driving on a street when I ended up passing a multiblock long line of cars, as well an 18 wheeler in a parking lot with many more cars parked around it. Reason? Distribution of free food for all comers. Total vehicles involved? About 215. Which raises a rather interesting question: How has the pandemic impacted your modelbuilding hobby financially? Are you buying fewer models or lower cost kits? Building what you have and not buying anything? What about references? Books? Magazines? CDs? E-books? Paint? Tools? Other supplies? There's all kinds of misinformation as well as flat, baldfaced lies out there, to the point that no one knows what to believe, but seeing a couple of hundred or so cars lined up for food definitely gets your attention.

F-106 Nose Weight

IPMS/USA Forum - Wed, 2020-10-14 00:07
I'm very slowly building a Monogram 1/48th scale F-106. Any of you that have built either the Monogram or Trumpeter kit recall how much nose weight you used? It probably won't be very much as the main gear is set fairly far back on the airframe.