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Executive Board Meeting Minutes for Q2 2020

Fri, 2020-07-17 13:53
Are the Executive Board Meeting Minutes available for the months of April, May, and June? Additionally, since the national show was canceled when will the annual Business Meeting presentation be posted? Cheers, John

Scratchbuilding wind screen seal

Thu, 2020-07-16 13:35
I am scratch building a truck and I was wondering if there is a way of making the seal around the windshield and other windows. This will be 1/25 scale. Thanks for any guidance! Joe Vattilana

F-86 to RF-86 Conversion

Wed, 2020-07-15 23:13
In the June 2018 Fine Scale Modeler, Chuck Davis converted an Academy 1/72nd scale F-86E into an RF-86F. Somewhere down the road on my build list is to convert an Eduard (Hasagawa) 1/48th scale F-86F to an recon version. Does anybody know of a conversion kit or plans to do it without spending years in the process?

2021 National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wed, 2020-07-15 12:34
Fellow IPMS USA Members We are pleased and excited to announce the launch of the 2021 IPMS/USA National Convention website! We invite you to visit and see what we have in store for you. We're looking forward to welcoming you to the Rio Hotel Resort and Convention Center in the heart of the fabulous City of Las Vegas. With over 2,000 all-suite rooms and almost 70,000 square feet of luxurious convention space, The Very Best of the West promises to be a National Convention experience of a lifetime. We want you to party hard in the vendor room, so we have secured a special discounted convention room rate of only $113.00 per night (including resort tax) for up to ten days! Come early, stay late and enjoy our amazing city. Reservations can be made immediately! You will also enjoy free on-site parking, 13 restaurants, 14 bars & nightclubs, 4 luxurious swimming pools, on-site shopping, day spa and workout room. All just an elevator ride away from the convention floor. You’ll never have to leave the resort to have an amazing time. But if you chose to do so, the City of Las Vegas is waiting for you. Go to www.natslv2021.com and let the party begin! Thank You 2021 Nat-Con Committee

Trumpeter 1/32nd scale F-105G Wild Weasel

Sun, 2020-07-12 21:07
Well, the last time that I built a F-105G, I was in the 6th grade. Man, she’s a BIG one. A good friend of mine in our club gave this to me to build. It came in a box the size of a small suitcase. The assembly on this one is relatively straightforward. I’ve purchased an Aires cockpit, with all the Fixin’s. Chris

Looking for 1/35 pots and pans to add to armor

Sun, 2020-07-12 17:37
Been looking for a source of 1/35 pots, pan and coffee pots either in plastic, resin or white metal. I've previously had used H & R metals but can't find anyone who carries the line. Did find their website but minimum order is $25 and I don't need that much stuff. Tried asking on an other forum and people have mentioned Miniart but their sets don't have what I'm looking for (plus the price to buy a set for one item is not practical). Didn't someone make a field kitchen kit in 1/35? If so, did it included pots and pans? Someone also mentioned some doll house stuff is close to 54mm size but it seems like all I can locate is 1/24 or larger doll house furnishings. Anyone know of a good source? Eric

Wayne Wachsmuth has passed away

Sat, 2020-07-11 23:42
Wayne, who I believe was National Chief Aircraft Judge for many years, has died at age 85. Here is his obituary: Lt. Col., USAF (retired) Carl Wayne Wachsmuth, age 84, of Newville, passed away Thursday, July 9, 2020 at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. He was born August 12, 1935 in Butler, PA, the son of the late Curtis B. and Hazel (Gibson) Wachsmuth. “Wayne” graduated from Slippery Rock High School. He proudly served as a pilot in the US Air Force from 1957 -1987. He flew B-47, B-52 and FB-111 bombers. Wayne served in the Strategic Air Command for over 20 years to include combat missions in the Vietnam War. After retiring from the Air Force he became a licensed battlefield guide at the Gettysburg National Military Park. In his spare time, Wayne enjoyed reading, gardening and taking his restored 1953 MG-TD to car shows. He also enjoyed taking his Scottish Terrier, “Angus” for long walks. Wayne is survived by his loving wife of 52 years, Kathy (Murphy) Wachsmuth of Newville; son, Paul W. Wachsmuth (Glenda) of Waldorf, MD; two grandsons, Logan and Liam Wachsmuth both of Waldorf, MD; sister, Linda McKonly (Steve) of Hanover and several nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by sister, Ruth Wolfe. Professional services are entrusted to Dugan Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., Shippensburg. Memorial Services are at the discretion of the family. Interment will be in Indiantown Gap VA National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Wayne’s memory to the American Cancer Society, PO Box 22718, Oklahoma City, OK 73123.

2021 rooms available now!

Sat, 2020-07-11 22:45
Made my reservations this evening....just go to the Vegas website and following the click info..pretty easy and worked first time for me! https://www.ipmslv.com/2021-ipms-nationals GIL

Mikr Mir's SAM-13

Sat, 2020-07-11 15:17
Always on the lookout for the obscure, odd or prototype planes, I found this little gem on the pages of SAMI where the kit was being reviewed. Having gotten these models few times this way, a quick trip to eBay, and I had a choice of a number of these kits. The Sam-13 (Cam-13) was designed in pre-war Russia, and based around Renault 6 cylinder engines. One prototype was built. But this was destroyed as the Soviets fell back against the German invasion of the eastern front. The design was never revisited. It came with 2 sprues of gray plastic, one (mostly) clear canopy, a fret of PE, and a small sheet of decals. There was a few oops' along the way but all in all it was a fun kit. The instructions are the typical exploded views, where the exact location of some parts are hard to determine. The other issue with the kits was that the plastic was pretty fragile. I broke the back off the seat off twice, by apparently leaning on it too heavily. There were no locator pins so the parts wanted to wander until the glue set up. It wasn't mentioned but with that rear boom, I didn't want to take any chances, and added Liquid Gravity to keep it from being a tail sitter. The horizontal tail fin was a tight fit, and I should have done something about it. While it was drying, it popped out a little on one side and the glue dried that way.

1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus – VMF-214 Blacksheep

Fri, 2020-07-10 11:34
This next build is the1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus. It will be detailed with Eduard photo etch and the scheme is going to be the infamous VMF-214 Blacksheep. The squadron was started by Major Gregory Boyington back in World War II. The Blacksheep transitioned to the Harrier in 1989 and deployed to their home base of MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. The decal set is produced by Caracal decals (set # CD48115) I will be doing the blue tailed scheme from 2015. For the first week of work I started with the cockpit and added the photo etch details to the cockpit tub, ejection seat and instrument panel. With the details added they were all painted and assembled. I then detailed the cockpit walls which are part of the fuselage with photo etch panels. The cockpit tub was then installed into the forward fuselage section. The next detail was the vectored exhaust. The vanes inside were thick plastic. These were removed and photo etch vanes were added. I am now working on the rear part of the fuselage and detailing the intake section. So far the build is moving along very well. You can see more photos and details in my build log at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-av-8b-harrier-ii-plus/

Airbrushing and humidity

Thu, 2020-07-09 16:31
This is the second full summer since moving to Wisconsin. The last two weeks has seen temps in the 80's or better with humidity above 70%, long range forecast doesn't show any improvement . I know not to bother trying to airbrush when it's in the mid 80's and above but never dealt with humidity this high. How does humidity affect airbrushing? If it's about water from the compressor does installing a water trap inline fix the problem. Got 4 paint projects I'd like to move forward with but even if I try at 7 AM I'm still dealing with humidity in the 70 % or more. Thanks, Eric

1/72, Emhar German A7V

Thu, 2020-07-09 11:01
Developed late in WW I by Germany after encountering British tanks, only 20 armoured tanks were produced. It was armed with one 57mm main gun and six 7.92 MGs and needed a crew of 18! It was large, cumbersome, awkward and slow and was a less than exciting success. However, it did figure into the first tank vrs tank combat when three A7Vs encountered three British Mk IV's (one male armed with two 6 pdr. main guns and two females armed only with MGs.) during the First Battle of Villiers-Bretonneux. The two female Mk IVs were damaged and had to withdraw, but the male continued to fire on the lead A7V, eventually disabling it and forcing the crew to abandon the vehicle. The two remaining A7Vs then withdrew, leaving the 'field of battle' to the lone Mk IV. This is the Emhar kit that has been re-released. It's typical Emhar in that the detail is minimized, but what is there is nicely done. My main complaint is that the slab sides have beveled joints, so getting them to mate up without any gaps takes patience and care. The decals give you a choice of three vehicles, but all have pretty boring camouflage. Also they are a bit thick and have a large amount of carrier film around them that must be trimmed to avoid silvering over all those rivets. I found an interesting camo pattern in a photo I saw on Google and dressed it up a bit with a new name and the eyes on the front. It makes a nice addition to my WW I vehicle collection.

Bill from Augusta, Georgia

Tue, 2020-07-07 09:52
Glad I found IPMS. Just back into scale aircraft after being out of it for 20 years. So far I have built an A-10 and a P-51 in 1/48 scale. A B-52G is next. I actually worked on one in the USAF. Anyway, it’s great to be here!

Lots of kits for sale, mainly 72nd

Tue, 2020-07-07 01:14
All, You may have seen the post I have up on FB. I am helping an older Air Force vet who was supposed to pass a couple years ago but is still kicking. He wants to sell most of his collection before he passes so his wife isn't stuck with them. I still don't have a list put together, going to try and work on that this week if I get time. Do have a bunch of pics though stuff has been selling well. Mostly 72nd aircraft with a bunch of 72nd armor and a few old Monogram 48th scale kits and 3 32nd scale 109s. Only car left is a Revell 1/40th scale Beetle from the early 60s. Also an old Revell X-15, Aurora C-119, bunch of FROG, Airfix/MPC, Hasagawa and more. I will attach a few pics and if you see anything that interest you just let me know. My biggest problem right now is tracking down boxes to ship.

How many active members enrolled in IPMS/USA?

Mon, 2020-07-06 16:08
I'm curious how many members make up the current membership body?

Italian Interior Green

Mon, 2020-07-06 09:13
With the demise of Model Master, I need options for Italian Interior Green, FS 34558; any suggestions?

Earlier in June I tried to find a Standard C-119 Nose to backdate an Italeri AC-119K

Sat, 2020-07-04 22:34
Earlier in June I tried to find a Standard C-119 Nose to backdate an Italeri AC-119K to a G but was unable to find one. My solution was to vacuum form a nose from a Roden C-123 and cut it down to fit the AC-119. Used three vacuum form noses super glued together to re-enforce the thin vacuum. Worked perfectly. Easy solution to backdate the "K" to a "G."

USS John F Kennedy

Sat, 2020-07-04 14:17
Hey all. This is one of my current builds, the Trumpeter 1/700 USS John F Kennedy. It's a commission build for one of my EMS Chiefs who was a master at arms in the late 90's. Almost have the carrier itself finished and I'm about to start the aircraft. It was a pretty easy build with the exception of the masts. The only thing I don't like is the Jet Blast Deflectors. There's no option to pose them down.

Recent Completed Builds

Sat, 2020-07-04 14:09
Hey all. Here are a few of my recently completed builds. The Revell 1/48 F-102, Bandi X-wing, two carrier tractors and two Hasegawa Egg Planes (F/A-18C and MV-22 Osprey).