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New Airfix Blehheim IV, 1/72

Mon, 2018-12-03 16:01
The new Airfix kits are quite possibly the best value around, dollar for detail. Lot's of detail, inside and out with alternate version parts. One problem they all have is that the molds are cut from CAD drawings and have extremely fine tolerances. So much so that the finest mold seam line or sprue attachment point or tiniest of misalignments can keep fuselage halves from closing over detailed interiors. You have to check and re-check as you go along and even then, go real slowly when you are inserting major parts into the interior to make sure everything fits around them. This is a kit where lots went wrong, the most visible of which is the light tan on the top came out too greenish and the brown came out a too bright reddish brown. It's not terrible, but it wold never pass muster at a serious contest. But, take a look at it here to see what this new Airfix kit is all about. The nose section is a separate unit that is glued to the rear fuselage at the wing root. This was done to facilitate Airfix being able to use more common parts for its Mk I version with a different nose section. Due to those close tolerances, you can get some pretty hairy to fill seams right up next to the glass parts. Which brings me to the last failing, the order of assembly. They say to assemble the entire rear of the aircraft including the wing to fuselage joint, then add the completed front section. After wrestling with all these joints in two of these kits, I suggest you build it in the more traditional left-right halves. Then join the top of the wings to its joint to ensure you've got a tight fit, then add the bottom of the wing structure. I think you'll get fewer hard to fill seams and better alignment this way. Some Edward PE parts were added to my landing gear bays as well.

re: Judging was: Haters group

Mon, 2018-12-03 12:55
It is not a micrometer that careful, competent and scrupulously objective judges use to assess alignment. (A micrometer is used to measure the thickness of an item.) Rather, most of us use a hem measurer to, as always, compare one model to another. Such a measurement should not nor would not disqualify a model on that basis alone in the hands of a conscientious IPMS judge. It would permit he or she to decide which models achieved the best alignment AS ONE OF THE SEVERAL CRITERIA that the IPMS Judge's Handbook mandates that we use to evaluate entries. As the hem measurer is brutally objective, it also helps to put the lie to the opinions of those less than careful judges who stand ten feet back from table and swear that a model is out of alignment. A quick application of the hem measurer will prevent this modeler's entry from being unfairly eliminated from competition by sloppy, lazy judges. The hem measurer is an excellent way to make rapid and very accurate assssments of alignment. As usual, if mistakes are being made in its application, don't blame the tool. Blame the workman! Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge

Scania R730 Team Chimera Italeri 1/24 Finished

Sun, 2018-12-02 13:46
Hello friends, after many hours of work, the model has been finished. Greetings and I hope you like it https://youtu.be/MXuegQ1RBlI

My method for repairing, cleaning and polishing clear parts

Sun, 2018-12-02 07:29
I have added a new tip on my blog on cleaning and polishing clear parts as well as removing scuffs or unwanted seams using Meguire’s PlastX cleaner and polish. The photos are the before and after on removing scuffs from a B-17 nose and removing the seam on a modern jet canopy. I prefer doing this rather than dipping in Pledge Future. The clear parts appear clearer with a lot more shine and resist dust when sitting on a shelf for a while. You can see a detailed step by step page on my blog at https://davidsscalemodels.com/tips-and-tricks/how-to-repair-clean-and-polish-clear-parts/

New Review: Airkraft Modeling Guide 1: Fighters and Attack Aircraft of the Vietnam War

Sat, 2018-12-01 10:44
I really enjoy using the aircraft specific titles that Sam Publications puts out because of the amount of research, detail, and sections that are aimed at the model builder. I had been wondering about the Hataka paint line and how they compare to other paints. When I saw that this new series was done with HobbyZone and Hataka paints and that it had the same great look as other Sam Publications books. I just had to have it. This first book of the series focuses on the aircraft of the Vietnam War, specifically the fighters and attack aircraft. The Aircraft Modeling Guide is divided into 21 sections. They are: read more View the full article

New Review: Axis Armored Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War / Rare photographs from wartime archives

Sat, 2018-12-01 08:54
Pen and Sword has released a new book on their series "Images of War". This book is focused on Axis Armored Fighting Vehicles during War World Two. The book is divided on 4 main chapters read more View the full article

New Review: Israeli Paratroopers, 1954-2016

Sat, 2018-12-01 08:41
Israeli Paratroopers, 1954-2016 is one of the latest offerings of a long running Osprey series that examines elite forces from around the world. The elite series follows a certain formula; something that Osprey is very good at. Each volume covers origins, a short chronology, organization and various operations that fall within the time span of the book. As with many Osprey publications, this one includes historic and contemporary photographs, and a series of plates that feature the uniforms, equipment, and lengthy captions that touch upon the history about the paratroopers. I am surprised that the Israeli paratroopers have not been covered until now. Regardless, this is a handy one volume history. read more View the full article

Out of the Box

Fri, 2018-11-30 18:26
As I looked at my 1/35th Takom Panther tank, several things occurred to me...…. First, over the past twenty-five years, I have been building more models basically from the box. This is not out of laziness, but simply because the kits have improved and I don't need to add lots of detail like it was in the late seventies. Long past are the days of digging through the discarded parts box or hoarding railroad detail parts for that "special" project. Next was that these newer generation of models have extremely complexed instruction sheets and no one would have time.... at a contest... to carefully go through and see if the contestant conformed to the instructions and did not add a few parts. Third, even with a much simpler kit, how would the judges KNOW that the contestant had not substituted aftermarket parts to replace kit parts. Things like wheel/tires, weapons, exhausts, etc. Could you tell if the aircraft seat was the kit part or aftermarket without being personally familiar with the kit. Of course, a second model of the same kit might be a give-a-way. Last, maybe OOB has seen it's day. I know it is popular, but as newer kits come along it stands to reason it will become more and more difficult to tell the difference in the OOB and regular categories. Thoughts? Dak

Capturing the moment

Fri, 2018-11-30 17:52
The AFVCLUB kit with figures from Alpine, Stalingrad, Bravo6, and MiniArt. I think the DML 251 is a better kit. Dak

Haters group

Thu, 2018-11-29 17:11
Here in central Oklahoma, there is a group called the Alternative Modelers Society of Oklahoma.....AMSO.... and they HATE IPMS. They have been around about fifteen years or so and feel: IPMS puts too much emphasis on craftsmanship. (Apparently, filling seams is over rated.) IPMS ignores/hates creative models. It's unfair for them to compete with people who can afford better kits. ( Some will never buy a Tamiya kit, but will spend a hundred bucks at the flea market buying old Heller kits.) Two of the members were part of the local IPMS groups....OHMS and Metro....but left because they felt since they couldn't afford to go to the Nationals, the club should not sponsor a trophy package. Having talked to a few of them over the years, it is clear they know virtually nothing about IPMS. I just wondered if anyone has encountered other groups like that around the country. Dak


Thu, 2018-11-29 16:47
Meng 1/32nd Komet with Aries figures ( I think). Dak

New Review: The Second World War

Thu, 2018-11-29 13:49
This is an excellent, well-written, beautifully illustrated book that provides a comprehensive overview of the WWII conflict at both a global and personal level. The hardcover book includes both color and B&W photos, and color illustrations that give a concise, but thorough, understanding of the strategies and decisions of the combatant nations. Osprey's Press release describes The Second World War as telling the stories of the men and women who lived and died during the second world war, from "politicians to factory workers, and from high command to the conscripted man on the front lines". The experience of war is brought to life through a wealth of contemporary documentation, writings, and historical research while the political, military, and historical significance of the warriors are examined. The Second World War provides readers with a comprehensive, and yet very concise, history of the devastating events. read more View the full article

New Review: F-14D Seat Belts

Thu, 2018-11-29 11:01
The Tamiya 1/48th scale model of the F-14D recently introduced is a fantastic kit following the previous release of the -A version. The parts are chrisply molded and loaded with detail that will certainly stand by itself. As with some kit manufacturers photoetch seat belts and harnesses are not included in the package. However, the kit does include a comprehensive decal sheets that includes decals that represent seat belts. Modelers have used water slide decals seat belts in their builds with satisfactory, two dimensional results. Others have carefully cut the decals with the backer paper in place and fixed them on the seats with white glue, which offers a more realistic, three dimensional results. The Eduard set is by far and above a more realist solution. Contents Description The small pre-painted fret includes belts and harnesses for both seats, and includes a single page of instructions that detail the placement of the various parts. I have used the steel belts before and found them a bit easier to work with than the brass PE versions. I personally prefer the steel product for this purpose. read more View the full article

Red Iron's Luna 2

Thu, 2018-11-29 10:56
Needing a break from my figures, I pulled out a relatively recent get from Red Iron Models - it's the Luna 2 . From the site: Luna 2 (E-1A series) or Lunik 2 was the second of the Soviet Unions Luna program spacecraft launched to the Moon. It was the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the moon and the first man-made object to land on another celestial body. On September 13, 1959, it hit the Moon's surface east of Mare Imbrium near the craters Aristides, Archimedes, and Autolycus. From the above, "land" is a relative term. It actually "landed" going full speed.

New Review: F-14D Canopy Mask

Thu, 2018-11-29 10:54
The Tamiya 1/48th scale model of the F-14D recently introduced is a fantastic kit following the earlier release of the -A version. The parts are chrisply molded and loaded with detail typial of Tamiya kits. This kit includes a printed sheet of masking material that must be individually cut out by the builder for the canopy clear areas. Also included in the Tamiya masking sheet are masks for the engine inlet throats that are not included with the Eduard masks. If the Eduard masks are used for the canopy, portions of the Tamiya mask still has a place in the build. Contents Description The Eduard set of masks is provided in two small sheets and includes wheel masks, plus masks for the interior and exterior of the canopy. An interior mask for the windscreen is also included. A small instruction sheet is also provided showing placement of each mask. The canopy masking is provided for the perimeter of the clear areas and the builder is required to provide supplemental masking either by tape or a masking fluid to protect the remaining areas. The windscreen masks cover the entire irregular shaped areas. read more View the full article

New Review: Yak-130 Aircraft Flaps and Slats Detail Set

Thu, 2018-11-29 10:46
Amigo Models has expanded their product line with a set of leading edge slats and trailing edge slotted flaps for the new 1/72 scale Zvezda Yak-130 (No.7307). The kit itself does not have the option of showing the slats and flaps in the down position. Amigo's new resin addition allows the modeler to accomplish this. The set includes six beautifully molded pieces, three for each wing: full span leading edge slats, and two flap sections to form the double slotted flap system used on the Yak-130. While there are substantial mold bases, I was able to remove the slat and main flap easily with a JLC razor saw. The smaller secondary slotted flap was more difficult because of its delicacy. It is in scale and is consequently extremely thin, so use caution when removing it for its base and when handling it. The trailing edge of the main flap is also thin and in scale. read more View the full article

New Review: Kagero Rogožarski IK-3

Thu, 2018-11-29 00:31
Kagero's latest in their Monographs Special Edition in 3D series is the "Rogozarski IK-3". This edition is in their standard 8.5" x 11.875" format hardbound publication that is 184 pages (excluding covers). This volume starts with 72 pages of historical text followed by 28 pages of black and white line drawings in 1/72 and 1/48. Up next are 72 pages of color 3D illustrations describing every part of the aircraft, from cockpit to engine. There is also a double sided insert sheet full of line drawings (~16.4" x 23.0") that starts with profiles at 1/32 scale and includes scrap details. I counted 89 color 3D illustrations, 22 color profiles, along with 21 tables. There are 125 period black and white photographs dedicated to the 80th anniversary of this obscure fighter's first flight. read more View the full article

75 or 90 mm figure for scratch building

Wed, 2018-11-28 18:24
I'm interested in scratch building a 75 or 90 mm "athlete," in particular a male college student, along the lines of a basketball player. Are there any plastic or resin "basic" figures (ok, nude if you know what I mean) that is available for this project? "Body parts" would be ideal (I know, this is getting creepy!). Thanks in advance.

A day at the beach

Wed, 2018-11-28 18:18
1/35th Stalingrad beach girl series. The accessories are mostly from Meng. All painted with enamels. Dak


Wed, 2018-11-28 18:11
Nuts planet bust. mostly done in enamels. Dak