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Wed, 2018-11-28 18:07
Old figure I finally finished. Mostly painted with oils. Dak

New Review: Kinetic ROCAF S-2A/E/G Tracker

Wed, 2018-11-28 18:03
History The S-2 Tracker carried an internal torpedo bay capable of carrying tow lightweight torpedoes or one nuclear depth charge. There were six underwing hard points for rocket pods and conventional depth charges or up to four additional torpedoes. A ventrally-mounted retractable radome for AN/APS-38 radar and Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD) AN/ASQ-8 mounted on an extendable rear mounted boom were also fitted. In the Box Instructions: The instruction booklet was divided into eight pages of clearly marked parts and their construction sequence. Illustrations for the parts and their construction sequence were very clear and crisp. The instructions contained 49 separate steps to complete the model. Included with the instructions is a drawing for paint and decal applications for either of two aircraft. read more View the full article

Nice Shooting!

Wed, 2018-11-28 18:00
A Macchi C.200 shot down by an LRDG patrol. This is the pacific Coast kit and is really horrid. There is a HUGE gap at the wing roots and the landing gear has a rotten fit. The resin engine needs lots of detail work. D-Day figures. Dak

Last Test Photos

Wed, 2018-11-28 13:05

Dragon UH-1N progress, part 2

Wed, 2018-11-28 10:54
If there are any issues with the photos, (poor quality, or size)please let me know here. I used a free online picture resizing site for the first time. I've finally completed all the subassembly construction. I dug through my decal/dry transfer stash to make markings for the first aid kits, and 2.75" rocket pods. Once I've glued the fuselage halves together, I'll set it aside to dry. While I'm waiting, I'll weather the subassemblies with artist oils, and pastel chalks. Once the weathering is done, I'll seal everything with clear overcoat to protect the pastel from smearing. On the rocket pods, I made some changes to the attachment points. I cut the molded attachment points off. They were quite comical. I cut off all the molded door handles, and made new ones from parts from my resin parts stash. They were handles originally for jerrycans. Hope to be finished by Monday of next week.

Test photo

Wed, 2018-11-28 09:27

New Review: Quickboost Pe-2 Exhausts

Wed, 2018-11-28 00:05
Quickboost is part of Aires and is aptly named in that it gives a "quick boost" to your models with drop in replacements. The parts in this set represent the exhaust shrouds on the sides of both engines. The set is as usual, simple to use. Remove from the pour stubs and clean as needed. Comparing the kit parts and the Quickboost set shows where the resin replacements shine. The exhaust shrouds are meant to be hollow tubes. Quickboost nicely represents this with excellent hollowed-out ends and the kit does not. There are several pictures showing this and the effect is noticeable once installed. And installation could not be easier- they have the notch built in to make sure they are installed correctly, and they drop into place. Highly recommended to all fans of the Pe-2. They make the kit look better, are simple to install, and are very reasonably priced. read more View the full article

1968 Edsel Pacer

Tue, 2018-11-27 22:14
The AMT kit with Masterbox figures. Horrible kit, but nice figures. The bulldog is anatomically correct. Dak

Takom Bergepanther

Tue, 2018-11-27 22:08
The Takom kit is great! Frankly, one of the best fitting kits I have ever worked with. The cable is home made from 24 gauge wire. You'll need way more cable than comes in the kit. About 15ft. Dak

my dad drove one of these

Tue, 2018-11-27 21:58
The Meng Ft-17 done as an abandoned vehicle in 1942. Alpine, Miniart, and New World figures.

Trumpeter 1/32nd scale F-14B

Tue, 2018-11-27 20:20
https://flic.kr/s/aHsmhdFh4f. This kit was a challenge. I wish now that I had replaced the intake trunks. I messed up the paint job on the landing gear. A friend suggested that I use Super Clean to strip them. I was afraid to let them soak overnight for fear of damaging the plastic. He assured me that it was safe. It cleaned the paint off really good. The glue was not effected at all. I didn’t lose any surface detail either. All it took was scrubbing with an old toothbrush. For the most part, it was built straight from the box. The only modification I made were to the ejection seats. The decals were great. I decided not to over go overboard with the weathering. The Awards Center made all the plaques for the base.

New Review: Tru-Color Weathering Pigments

Tue, 2018-11-27 17:00
Introduction: The following is from Tru-Color's website: read more View the full article

New Review: Suzuki GT380 B

Tue, 2018-11-27 15:57
Introduction: The Suzuki GT380 B went on sale in 1972. It had a 3-cylinder motor and exceptional handling. The kit was initially released in 2017 and is a new mold. It looks like it's the first of a series of 1970s bike kits and that is great news because these kits are very well detailed and a lot of fun to build. Construction: The kit comes on five sprues and has rubber tires and vinyl hoses. The chrome is super bright and even though the exhaust is made up of two pieces, the seam will not be an issue because of a raised lip on one half. The overall level of detail is amazing and the model looks great out of the box. read more View the full article

New Review: North American P-51 Part 3- Big Beautiful Doll Special

Tue, 2018-11-27 00:05
Lifelike Decals from Japan has issued a 1/32ndscale set titled "Part 3- Big Beautiful Doll Special" which covers six versions of Col. John Landers famous P-51D. The set actually starts with markings when he was a major and then Lt. Colonel and then finished with Colonel so it has markings showing the progression of his career. A quick bit of history, Col. Landers had 14.5 kills making him almost a triple ace, starting with P-40's then P-38's and lastly the P-51. This set only covers the P-51's and there are two specific planes with multiple markings. The markings in the set cover the following aircraft: read more View the full article

New Review: Tecnokar Trailer with 20' Tank

Mon, 2018-11-26 07:39
From Italeri's assembly instructions: The 20' Tecnokar Tank trailer is designed to ensure the highest level of efficiency in the liquid and fluid transport. The sturdy steel frame, on a three-axle system, made by the Italian Company, is able to load a 20' tank ideal to be used in the container intermodal logistic. It can well satisfy the need of complex and integrated logistic companies that adopting intermodal transport solution of liquid goods. That's more and more important taking in consideration that, in the recent years, the intermodal transport solution of liquids, especially the liquids destined to the food industry, is a "must have" to guarantee reliability and respect of the delivery time. Wait! What? read more View the full article

New Review: Eagle Squadron Spitfire Vb Decals

Mon, 2018-11-26 07:26
Decal Sheet Contents There are three sheets of decals included in this package: the larger of the three has the roundels and fin flash along with aircraft codes. The mid-size sheet has additional aircraft codes and numbers, while the third and smallest sheet has individual pilot nose art. There are decals to model at least two of 10 photo-documented subjects, based on carefully interpreted graphic reconstructions. Additional models built will require the modeler to provide roundels and fin flash. The decal sheets include marking from the three squadrons: 71 Squadron, four aircraft, 121 Squadron, four aircraft, and 133 Squadron two aircraft. Six 8 1/2" by 11" pages of black and white instructions are included with the decals, along with a link to the supplier is provided from which full color instructions may be obtained and home printed. The black and white is more than adequate, but the color version is spectacular. read more View the full article

New Review: Chinese Soldier vs. Japanese Soldier: China, 1937-38

Mon, 2018-11-26 07:16
For most Americans, when you ask them when World War Two began, I imagine most people would answer December 7, 1941, the day the Japanese attacked the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. In my mind, as this book reminds us, I think it is necessary to push the timeline back to the late 1930s and the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Osprey's combat series is one the more recent additions to their catalog of publications. As the title suggests, each volume looks at the relative strengths and weaknesses of a set of combatants across the historical time line. Each volume follows a specific formula - an introduction, a look at the weapons, tactics, recruitment and training of each side, descriptions of several battles the opponents fought, then an analysis and aftermath. As is typical for most Osprey books, this volume is well illustrated with historic photographs, maps of each battlefield, and several custom illustrations that bring alive particular instances of the battles told in each volume. read more View the full article

New Review: Forts: An Illustrated History of Building for Defence.

Sun, 2018-11-25 16:17
In collaboration with Jeremy Black, Osprey has produced several coffee table style books to highlight the history of maps, naval charts, and now fortifications. Using photographs and illustrations from the National Archives of Great Britain, Black and Osprey have produced a concise history of fortifications from around the world. Black, to his credit, uses an international approach when telling the story of the development and evolution of fortifications. The books uses a chronological format, from the beginning of recorded history to the dawn of the 21st Century. The highlight of the book are the illustrations; there is not a great deal of text with each chapter. Black provides a broad overview to each time period and uses substantial captions with each chapter to expand the story. They are professionally produced and pop out as you go through the book. read more View the full article

New Review: P-40E Radio Set

Sun, 2018-11-25 15:13
CMK has produced a very nicely detailed resin radio compartment set for the 1/72 Special Hobby P-40E/Kittyhawk kits. The supplied items include the sidewall, radio parts, a tool bag and misc. panel assemblies. Although made for the Special Hobby P-40E/Kittyhawk kit, with some prudent sanding to fit, the set should be adaptable to any of the 1/72 P-40E/Kittyhawk kits currently on the market. I dry-fitted to my Hasegawa example (see photos). Be sure to wash the parts in soapy water to remove mold release agents and prime prior to using your favorite modeling paints. Highly recommended. Thanks to the IPMS Reviewer Corps and CMK for the opportunity to review this item. View the full article


Sun, 2018-11-25 10:39
UK Modeller IPMS UK Member 2303 seeking Renewal Revivals Car Kit from the 1960's. Specific model/kit I am looking for is the Renewal Revivals Virgil Exner Styled BUGATTI 101. I am looking for this particular car to build / restore and place on display in the Bugatti Trust Museum here in the UK. Basically, I would be looking for a model that has been built many years ago, maybe a bit knocked about with bits missing, gathering dust in an attic or basement. Something like this would be perfect for this project if there is someone out there who might like to donate one to me for the ground up rebuild. I fully understand that a boxed unbuilt kit of this subject is probably out of the question (judging by Ebay pricing) unless there is a more than generous benefactor with one who would like to help me fulfil this project. To verify this as a genuine request, some of you may have seen my Bugatti Type 59 Scratch Built model in a 2013 copy of Model cars magazine. It got Best Civilian Vehicle at IPMS SMW Telford in 2012. Please contact me via the forum messaging service if you can help, or if you know someone who can. Many thanks and kind regards.