Reviews of scale model decal sets.

Bf-109G Svaskitas

Published: February 26th, 2017     
Bf-109G Svaskitas
Reviewed by: Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard

This small sheet addresses some short comings in kits sold overseas. The lack of swastikas. Now I'm not sure if it is just a typo or a way to get by overseas censors by calling them svastikas versus swastikas.

Either way you know what you are getting. Eduard prints their own decals and these are just perfect. They are printed on a 1.5 x 2.5 inch decal sheet. The decals are very thin and very crisp. You get 12 swastikas in two sizes. The normal Bf-109 sized swaskitas are 300mm. You get eight swastikas in this scaled size. Later in the war there were some slightly larger sized, 400mm, ones used on wooden tails. There are four of these.

The sheet is a good addition if you need some swastikas for your Bf-109 for your Bf-109G. Your F and E are available on other sheet. Those may have a white surround but these do not.

Enough decals are included to do six aircraft. So if you need svastikas or swastikas these are available. They are perfectly thin and react will with setting solutions. This is another great product from Eduard.

Highly recommended

F-16A La Vipera

Published: February 25th, 2017     
F-16A La Vipera
Reviewed by: Floyd S. Werner, Jr, IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1/48
Company: Two Bobs

The F-16 is one of the sexiest aircraft ever made. The early aircraft were even more impressive before all of the bumps and bulges were added to later variants.

Like Salma Hayek in 'From Dusk to Dawn' the only way to make it even sexier is to wrap it in a snake. The Italians did this in April 2010 at Cervia AB, Italy. Sure it is a special paint scheme but what a great marking option. The aircraft itself is only painted in two colors FS36231 and FS36118 which makes for a pretty dark aircraft but add to that the bright yellow, purple and black Viper to it just makes it awesome.

Inside a 6x9 inch, zip lock bag is a double-sided high-quality paper printed in full-color instructions. The instructions show all four sides of the actual aircraft, along with the drop tank markings.

DOGS OF WAR (1) US Army/USAF O-1 Bird Dogs in the Vietnam War

Published: February 19th, 2017     
DOGS OF WAR (1) US Army/USAF O-1 Bird Dogs in the Vietnam War
Reviewed by: Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/32
Company: AOA Decals

AoA (Angle of Attack) decals: Been around about a year, and now we know they are focusing on Vietnam War subjects ... We sincerely appreciate this new decal manufacturer sending IPMS/USA their latest releases for review! (...and the usual thanks also to IPMS USA Reviewer corps leadership for sending these my way...)

This set is extremely useful in that it includes a bunch of USAF and US Army stencil and non-stencil markings, in both blue and black, in this case sized for the Roden 1/32 O-1/L-19. You have many options for use, and these are well researched and provide (1) different choices for YOUR model, and (2) provide an alternative to the (frequently) not-so-good kit decal performance.

A set of airframe stencils in included for one model, along with national insignia. When done, you'll have a lot of numbers and USAF/US ARMY notations for use on your 1/32 snakes and Hueys... at least that's my plan, as the old Revell kit decals are looking a bit worn in the box.

244th Sentai Part 2 Decals

Published: February 18th, 2017     
244th Sentai Part 2 Decals
Reviewed by: David Wrinkle, IPMS# 45869
Scale: 1:48
Company: Lifelike Decals

The 244th Sentai (Fighter Group / Fighter Regiment) was formed in 1941 and charged with the defense of Tokyo. As apparent from the options included in this decal set, the unit started flying Nates and later turned in their Ki-27s for Ki-61s & Ki-100s.

There are a handful of Ki-61 Hien kits on the market in 1/48 scale with the most prominent player being Hasegawa. Along with the Hasegawa tool, Arii / Otaki and the RS Models tools were just minor players in the Ki-61 arena. All that changed in the past few months when Tamiya released their brand spankin' new tool of the Ki-61 in 1/48 scale. From the reviews I've read, it's a very sweet kit. Thankfully Lifelike has come to the rescue with a timely re-release of their 244th Sentai Part 2 Decal set that will make a nice addition to your Ki-61 no matter which kit you build. The decal set includes two options for the Ki-27 Nate in addition to the Ki-61 decals. A very nice bonus if, like me, you have the Mania / Hasegawa Nate in your stash. Although the Nate tool has been around since the 1970's, it is still a very nice kit.

TOPGUN Tigers and Talons

Published: February 11th, 2017