Reviews of scale model detail sets.

Resin Exhaust Set for Tamiya A6M5 kit

Published: September 9th, 2010     
Resin Exhaust Set for Tamiya A6M5 kit
Reviewed by: Fred Amos, IPMS# 6672
Scale: 1/32
Company: Quickboost

The latest release from Quick Boost is a complete set of resin exhaust tubes for the 1/32 scale A6M5 Tamiya kit. Once again the quality of the molding is flawless, no bubbles, or pin holes and the only flash is between pipes where there are more than one. I strongly suspect this is intentional for added strength while being shipped and handled. The resin is the light blonde color we have become accustomed to. And, of course, the ends of the pipes are hollow.

Spitfire Mk V Cockpit Set for Tamiya Kit

Published: September 7th, 2010     
Spitfire Mk V Cockpit Set for Tamiya Kit
Reviewed by: Dave Koukol, IPMS# 46287
Scale: 1/48
Company: Aires Hobby Models

"So many little time..." or at least that's the way seems to die-hard modeling fans of Supermarine's legendary fighter.  Of all of the kits offered in 1/48th scale, Tamiya's varied offerings of the Mk V are among the most popular with competitive and serious modelers.  Excellent accuracy, detail, and general engineering of the kit put it in an elite class of quarter-scale Spitfires.

If Tamiya's outstanding kit weren't enough, those folks from Aires just had to take things a step further with their recent release of a cockpit set for Tamiya's Mk V's.  Boy, do they deliver!  Eight crisply-cast chunks of resin, a fret of top-notch photoetch, and a small sheet of acetate with instrument faces and gunsight glass to raise a high bar even higher.

WWII U.S. Navy Vessels Guard Rails I

Published: August 31st, 2009     
WWII U.S. Navy Vessels Guard Rails I
Reviewed by: Luke R. Bucci, PhD, IPMS# 33459
Scale: 1/700
Company: Lion Roar

Bottom Line

None better - has very fine sagged and straight railings in 2- and 3-bar styles.

Photoetch Set Review

Lion Roar has a large line of 1/700 photoetch accessories for United States, Japanese, German and Royal Navy WW2 navies. This set is devoted exclusively to US Navy railings, both 2- and 3-bar varieties.

The fret contains seven types of railings:

Fixed Open Hood Hinges

Published: April 14th, 2009     
Fixed Open Hood Hinges
Reviewed by: Joseph Staudt, IPMS# 39453
Scale: 1/24
Company: J3 Models

Those of us that like to display our automotive models with the hood open generally face two problems. The first is, of course, having an accurate-looking hinge mechanism, and the second is keeping the hood open. It's just about impossible to build accurate-looking hood hinges that are also strong enough to do the job they are supposed to do: they're fairly complicated mechanisms with springs and multiple pivot points that just can't be accurately reproduced in plastic. Well, J3 Models has a solution to this problem in their fixed open hood hinges.

Each hinge consists of a piece of photo-etched (I assume) metal representing the hinge itself, and a spring which attaches to the hinge to produce a fairly good replica of a hood hinge in the open position. There is a large horizontal surface available to attach the hood to, and another large surface that can be glued into the engine compartment to hold the hood in the open position.

Sparco Blue Racing Harness

Published: April 14th, 2009