Reviews of scale model kits.

Yak-23 "Flora"

Published: October 10th, 2018     
Yak-23 "Flora"
Reviewed by: Charles Landrum, IPMS# 26328
Scale: 1/48
Company: Mikro-Mir

Mikro Mir has come on the scene from Ukraine, releasing a lot of new naval kits and some aircraft. I had earlier reviewed their new CAD designed model of the British 1/144 Holland Class Submarine. It was a pleasure to build, so I quickly signed up for this kit. I was wary of the Bilek release of the Yak-23 and was looking for Mikro Mir's approach to the subject. Well, Mikro Mir had a hand in this kit, but the basic aircraft is the Bilek kit (4 sprues) with an extra sprue of details, new PE, new decals and set of masks from Mikro Mir. The Mikro Mir sprue includes a full engine (but no tailpipe!), wing tanks and simplified landing gear.

Her Majesty’s Estafette

Published: October 3rd, 2018     
Her Majesty’s Estafette
Reviewed by: Bill O’Malley, IPMS# 46473
Scale: 1:35
Company: Industria Mechanika

This is a high-quality resin kit of a unique steampunk vehicle with figures. The part fit is exceptionally good, but there are some small & delicate parts to work with, and resin experience is important.

Industria Mechanika is a low volume, high quality 'garage' kit company focusing on original concept designs of steampunk, airships, fantasy, fantastical figures, and other whimsical creations. Many of IM's kits are original designs created by its owner and designer, Michael Fichtenmayer, or other designers. The kits are produced in resin of the highest quality, and many include photoetch, decals, and other accessories.

Her Majesty's Estafette is designed by Christohe Desse, who has designed several other kits for Industria Mechanika. Desse is a special effect artist and modeler for advertising, tv, film, and games in France, Germany and Singapore. Christophe enjoys creating cartoony or stylized characters and supercharged muscle cars.


Published: September 30th, 2018     
Reviewed by: Floyd S. Werner, Jr, IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard

Following on the heels of their gorgeous FW-190A-4 Eduard has released the next variant in the production line, the A-5. The A-5 differed from the A-4 in that its engine was moved forward. This would become the standard position until the D-9 variant came into production.

Having built the A-4 and found it to be simply gorgeous I was anxious to see what the later variants would look like.

Packaged inside of a beautifully painted boxtop with a sturdy cardboard box protecting the parts are some beautiful plastic. There are five sprues of plastic is the light grey kind with no flash or blemishes that I could find. Three of the sprues are the 'common' sprues found in all the FW-190 boxings. The other two are aircraft specific with a new fuselage and a new wing. This speaks well for the fit as the A-4 was near flawless. Since there are common parts on the sprues, be careful that you remove the correct ones. There will be lots of parts left over for the spare parts box or later builds.

There is a single sprue of clear plastic for those parts. Again make sure that you remove the correct parts for your aircraft. It is easy to get confused.

Cessna T-41 Mescalero

Published: September 30th, 2018     
Cessna T-41 Mescalero
Reviewed by: Allan Murrel, IPMS# 49715
Scale: 1/72
Company: Omega Models

This is Omega Models all resin T-41 which is the US armed forces version of the popular Cessna 172, The kit can be used to build both a US Army or US Air Force aircraft.

In the box is:

  • 6 x strips of molded resin parts
  • 1 film sheet
  • 2 x vacuum formed clear parts
  • 2 x small decal sheets
  • 1 wire
  • 1 instruction sheet

The kit consists of 44 resin parts some are not required as they are from the standard Cessna 172 kit. The resin parts are extremely well molded with a little flash but great detail; the decal sheets were not too impressive and you may want to get alternative decals. Also, the vacuum formed windscreen and rear window are not too good.


The instructions are very simple and you just need to try to follow fitting the parts numerically.

F-4J Phantom II United States Marine Corp

Published: September 28th, 2018     
F-4J Phantom II United States Marine Corp
Reviewed by: Joe Porche, IPMS# 20296
Scale: 1/48
Company: Zoukei-Mura

Parts Breakdown

  • 14 Parts 1 Crystal Clear Sprue
  • 367 Parts 11 Light Grey Polystyrene Sprue
  • 1 Decal 8 1/4" x 11 5/8" Decal Sheet
  • 1 32 page Instruction booklet
  • 1 Full size and color decal Layout page.

To further enhance my building experience I purchased three things from the Zoukei-Mura website.