Reviews of books or magazines relating to scale modeling.

British Ironclads, 1860-1875: HMS Warrior and the Royal Navy's "Black Battlefleet"

Published: October 15th, 2018     
British Ironclads, 1860-1875: HMS Warrior and the Royal Navy's "Black Battlefleet"
Author: Angus Konstam. Illustrated by Paul Wright
Reviewed by: Marc Blackburn, IPMS# 42892
Company: Osprey Publications

Osprey's newest addition to the New Vanguard series tackles one of the revolutions in naval construction and warfare - the ironclad. In one of the slimmer editions of this series, this volume follows the tried and true formula of the series. Using a mix of original artwork and contemporary illustrations, the author examines the origins, armor, ordnance, propulsion and crew accommodations on early British Ironclads. Unfortunately, if you are looking for service histories of the ships of the Black Battlefleet, they are not included in the narrative. That is the only disappointment in this volume.

International Autumn 2018 Volume 49/3

Published: October 15th, 2018     
International Autumn 2018 Volume 49/3
Author: Managing Editor: Mick Davis
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Company: Cross & Cockade International

The latest journal of Cross & Cockade International - Autumn 2018, features a front cover photograph of Jean Chaput in front of his Nieuport 11, N940. This color 1916 photograph was based on the Autochrome technology developed by the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere. The inside rear cover features color illustrations by Juanita Franzl of Lt. Dawson's and Lt N. E. Williams' Ship's Camels. The outside rear cover features color illustrations by David Mechin of Jean Chaput's aircraft. If you check out the web site link above, you can get additional sample pics of the current issue.

Cross & Cockade International is a non-profit UK based group known as the First World War Aviation Historical Society that publishes their journal four times a year. They also provide a free newsletter (sign up on their website) and occasionally publish WWI themed books like the Sopwith Dolphin monograph I reviewed earlier for IPMS USA. This Journal is the sister of the US Journal, Over The Front.


Published: October 14th, 2018     
Author: Tomasz J. Kopanski
Reviewed by: Brian R . Baker, IPMS# 43146
Company: Mushroom Model Publications


The PZL P-23 Karas was one of the most important combat aircraft in the inventory of the Polish Military Aviation prior to the outbreak of World War II. Designed as a three place light bomber and reconnaissance type in the early thirties, and powered by the Polish-built Bristol Pegasus radial engine, the p-23 was placed in production in time to be available during the German invasion in 1939. Numerous units were equipped with the P-23A and P-23B versions, and these operated in the light bomber and reconnaissance role during the time that Poland was defending itself against the Germans. Later, when the Russians issued their "stab in the back" invasion, most of the surviving P-23's were flown to Romania, where some of them soldiered on until the end of the war. A few were also exported to Bulgaria before the war, and these were redesignated P-43A due to a change in engines.

T-34-85 After WW2-Camouflage & Markings 1946 - 2016

Published: October 12th, 2018     
T-34-85 After WW2-Camouflage & Markings 1946 - 2016
Author: Przemyslaw Skulski
Reviewed by: Andrew Birkbeck, IPMS# 27087
Company: MMP Books

The T-34 series of tanks together with the M4 Sherman series are THE most important tanks of the Second World War from the Allied point of view. The Panther tank, perhaps the most influential tank of WW2 from the German perspective was a direct result of German forces running smack bang into the T-34/76 on the Eastern Front, and the demand for German industry to provide a counter to it. In turn the T-34 needed to be upgraded once the Germans introduced more thickly armored tanks such as the Panther and the Tiger, and thus was born the T-34/85, an upgrading of the T-34 series from its original 76mm main gun, to a more lethal 85mm gun.

The Habsburgs' Wings 1914 Vol 1

Published: October 8th, 2018     
The Habsburgs' Wings 1914 Vol 1
Author: Andrzej Olejko
Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery, IPMS# 14003
Company: Casemate Publishers

This book is published by Kagero and is distributed in North America by Casemate Publishers. "The Hapsburg's Wings 1914" is authored by Professor, Senior Doctor Lecturer Andrzej Olejko.

As one would expect, the focus of North American WWI historians, students, authors, artists, and modelers is on the Western Front. Ask a Canadian to name a WWI Ace and they will respond with "Billy Bishop". Ask an American and they will quickly name Eddie Rickenbacker. Other names will be put forward. Certainly, on this list, will be George Guynemer, Albert Ball, Andrew Beauchamp Proctor and Mick Mannock.

Ask, then, for the respondent to focus on German Aces. Of course, the first name that will come up is Manfred Von Richthofen followed quickly by Max Immelmann.

Finally, ask the respondent to name Aces or Airmen who served on the Eastern Front. More than likely, the question will be met with a rather long silence and then a quick, "I don't know the names of any Eastern Front Aces or Airmen."