Reviews of books or magazines relating to scale modeling.

Panzer DNA

Published: April 17th, 2018     
Panzer DNA
Author: Daniele Guglielmi, Mario Pieri
Reviewed by: Bill O’Malley, IPMS# 46473
Company: Ammo by Mig Jimenez

This book, published by AMMO by Mig Jimenez SL, is a guide to the subject of colors and markings of German military vehicles and units. The books stated attempt is to bring order to the complex and partly unknown topics, and to provide clarity to all of the information available on the Internet. The book is divided into chapters that deal with the main themes separately

Chapter 1: The Ballenkreuz

Describes the beginnings, evolution, implementation, and use of the straight-armed cross used on almost all German vehicles. Colored illustrations of variations in the cross and black & white photographs are used to illustrate examples.

Chapter 2: Composition of Military Units

Explains the tactical symbols and hierarchy of military units. A color chart illustrates the Waffenfarbe (arm colors) used to differentiate troops.

F-4 Phantom II Warpaint Series No. 114

Published: April 16th, 2018     
F-4 Phantom II  Warpaint Series No. 114
Author: Charles Stafrace
Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery, IPMS# 14003
Company: Guideline Publications

This is another excellent addition to the War Paint Series written by Charles Stafrace, a well-known and repeat contributor to the War Paint series. Theillustrations by Richard J. Caruana support the text and story line, and in and of themselves, are an excellent collection of Aviation Art. This book covers the development, deployment, service, and retirement of one of the most well-known aircraft, especially for those who came to maturity during the Vietnam conflict. The historian will find that the book covers the development and service of the Phantom II in detail, and the modeler will find the book to be an excellent source of information, detailing the aircraft with photographs and outstanding artwork.

As a modeler, I found this book to be rich in detail with a thorough coverage of the markings that are very helpful. The photographs, especially those in the "Walk-Around" section of the book, provide a great source for "detail", as well as colors and weathering, if one is into weathering models. In short, this book is a gold mine for the modeler.

Junkers Ju87 Stuka; Wings of the Black Cross Series

Published: April 11th, 2018     
Junkers Ju87 Stuka;  Wings of the Black Cross Series
Author: Mark Proulx; Illustrator: Steve Deisley
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Company: Eagle Editions Ltd.

Mark Proulx has enthusiastically studied World War II history for decades. During that time, his primary focus has been on the air battles over Europe. He has written a number of books for the Wings of the Black Cross series. Earlier on, that interest drove him to an airline career, where he now works as a training captain for one of North America's larger regional airlines. In addition, his research has also been directed toward a number of EagleCals produced by Eagle Editions. Mark currently lives in Alberta, Canada where he is married with one daughter.

Steve Deisley is a graphic artist that has recently joined Eagle Editions and provides the color profiles and color scrap details.

Hawker Hurricane

Published: April 8th, 2018     
Hawker Hurricane
Author: Osprey Publishing
Reviewed by: Pablo Bauleo, IPMS# 46363
Company: Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing just released a new book devoted to the Hawker Hurricane, the work-horse of the Royal Air Force during War World Two.

This book has a new format; it is about 5 inches tall and 8 inches wide. I think it is the first one from Osprey that has this shape. But don't let the relatively small footprint of the book fool you. With 136 pages, the book is packed with useful information.

The book is broken down in the following sections.

  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Design and Development
  • Technical Specification
  • The Hurricane: Mark by Mark
  • Combat Operations
  • Hurricane Aces
  • Glossary

The first two chapters are extremely high-level description of some of the major milestones of the aircraft. The following three chapters (Design and Development, Technical Specs and Mark by Mark) are where the airframe, engine and weaponry of the airplane is broken down and described in detail. I particularly enjoyed the "Mark by Mark" chapter. I wish line drawings would have been included to visualize the changes as described in the text.

Cross & Cockade Int. Quarterly Journal Spring 2018 Vol 49/1

Published: April 6th, 2018     
Cross & Cockade Int. Quarterly Journal Spring 2018 Vol 49/1
Author: Mick Davis, Managing Editor
Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery, IPMS# 14003
Company: Cross & Cockade International

C&C Spring 2018 Vol 49/1 is now available. For those not familiar with Cross & Cockade International, it is the journal of "The First World War Aviation Historical Society". As such, the publication focuses on aviation topics associated with World War 1, and an in-depth study of the historical aspects of aviation in World War 1. Those historians with an interest in the history of World War 1, especially related to aviation, will find C&C to be a gold mine of information. For modelers who enjoy building aircraft of World War 1, C&C is packed with excellent photographs, full color illustrations, and detailed information about the aircraft used.