Reviews of books or magazines relating to scale modeling.

Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Published: November 26th, 2016     
Mitsubishi A6M Zero
Author: Author: James D’Angina, Illustrator: Adam Tooby
Reviewed by: Tim Hortman, IPMS# 19789
Company: Osprey Publishing

There is no question that the Mitsubishi A6M Zero is one of the most famous and recognizable aircraft of the Second World War. From its early days of domination over the skies, to the end of the conflict where the once seemingly invincible aircraft was relegated to Kamikaze missions; the Reisen saw service throughout the war in Japanese Naval Air Force service.

Author James D’Angina tells the story of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero in Osprey Publishing’s Air Vanguard #19. Chapters are broken down as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Design and Development
  • Technical Specifications and Variants
  • Operational History
  • Conclusion
  • Select Bibliography
  • Index

What you get here is a small book that really is packed with information for the Modeler, or the Historian. The book begins with a brief history leading to the Development of the Zero, including a short biography of Dr. Jiro Horikoshi – the ‘Father of the Zero’, as well as the prototype requirements and flight testing.

Arab MiGs Volume 4: Attrition War, 1967-1973

Published: November 24th, 2016     
Arab MiGs Volume 4: Attrition War, 1967-1973
Author: Tom Cooper, David Nicolle, Lon Nordeen, Patricia Salti, and Martin Smisek
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Company: Harpia Publishing

Tom Cooper and David Nicolle's Arab MiG series is an incredible history that addresses the Arab air forces of Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen after the June 1967 Six Day War until 1973. Although MiG aircraft dominate the story, all Post-WWII Arab aircraft are included. The authors have been able to access official archives as well as the combatants involved to provide a unique perspective of the Middle East conflicts. Volume one in this series, published November 19, 2009, covered the background of the Arab air forces from 1955 focusing on MiG-15 and MiG-17 fighters. Volume two, published October 19, 2011, addressed the Arab air force supersonic fighters from 1956 through 1967. Volume three in the Arab MiGs series focuses on the Arab air forces in the June 1967 War and was published October 24, 2012. Two additional volumes follow in this series, all with the same thick 256 glossy page count. I counted 162 black and white photographs, 47 color pictures, 22 color side profiles, and eight maps.

World War I Seaplanes and Aircraft Carriers

Published: November 21st, 2016     
World War I Seaplanes and Aircraft Carriers
Author: Mark Lardas
Reviewed by: Rob Benson, IPMS# 44038
Company: Osprey Publishing

Thank you to Osprey Publishing for providing a review copy of their new release, World War I Seaplanes and Aircraft Carriers, number 238 in the New Vanguard Series. As always, I appreciate all of those in the IPMS Reviewer Corps, whose work is critical to sharing new and exciting modeling products with the world.


Aircraft carriers are not generally thought of in the context of WWI. Yet there are significant early advances during this time, mainly centered on expanding the ranges of the first seaplanes. A number of ancestors to modern aircraft carriers are described in this book. I was intrigued by the influence of the German zeppelin fleet on British military thought. The major player in seaplane and carrier development was the British military, followed by Germany, France, Russia, and some minor experiments by Italy and Japan. Two common design concepts were the seaplane support ship, where aircraft would land on water near the ship, and actual flying-off and landing-on ships.

Ancestors Footprints: The Somme 1916

Published: November 20th, 2016     
Ancestors Footprints: The Somme 1916
Author: Andrew Rawson
Reviewed by: Doug Hamilton, IPMS# 21985
Company: Pen and Sword Books Ltd

Exactly 100 years ago the Battle of the Somme raged. Trenches, the first tanks and an air war all helped raise the bar in terms of death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. The Somme still holds a certain fascination for many people. Many of them visit these Fields of Honor to see where it happened, or maybe trace the paths their family members trod in the past. Whatever the motivation, to be able to go there and accurately locate the very site great granddad went over the top is important to many people.

US Navy Ships vs Kamikazes 1944–45

Published: November 20th, 2016     
US Navy Ships vs Kamikazes 1944–45
Author: Mark Stille
Reviewed by: Phillip Cavender, IPMS# 50085
Company: Osprey Publishing

Note: This book is also available in two other formats, eBook (Pub) and eBook (PDF).

Osprey Publishing in their Duel Series and Mark Stille, along with illustrations by Jim Laurier, have published an excellent book on US Navy Ships vs Kamikazes 1944–45. Mark Stille, a retired US Navy Commander., has a BA in history and a MA from the Ward College.

What you get is a softcover book covering 80 pages with high resolution black and white glossy, detailed historical photos. Cockpit images and illustrated maps in color are also included. The book is divided into11 sections.