Reviews of products for scale aircraft models.

COMBAT EDGE- Warfighters in Detail #1: US Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier

Published: May 26th, 2017     
COMBAT EDGE- Warfighters in Detail #1: US Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier
Author: Andy Evans
Reviewed by: Keith Gervasi, IPMS# 44177
Company: SAM Publications

This is the first book in a new series by SAM Publications called COMBAT EDGE and it covers the AV-8B Harrier. 8 chapters, 82 pages with a short text and VERY nice color pictures including 15 color profiles to boot! The chapters cover:

  1. Harrier Origins
  2. The AV-8B
  3. The AV-8b (NA)-Night Attack
  4. Harrier Walkaround
  5. The AV-8B Harrier II Plus
  6. Color Profiles
  7. The TAV-8B
  8. Harrier in Scale

The chapters cover exactly what they are titled starting with 'Origins' which covers the need to upgrade the AV-8A/C so that it could carry a bigger punch. 'AV-8B' covers the development of the aircraft and even includes a couple pictures of the YAV-8B and, for me anyway, a cool picture of one of the Harriers that was with us in the Med back in 88. (Marking targets for the Harriers and A-10s was always pretty cool!)

Convair Class VF Convoy Fighter: The Original Proposal for the XFY-1 Pogo

Published: May 25th, 2017     
Convair Class VF Convoy Fighter: The Original Proposal for the XFY-1 Pogo
Author: Jared A Zichek
Reviewed by: Hub Plott, IPMS# 31328
Company: Retromechanix

This book covers the proposal in 1950 that lead to the XFY-1 Pogo, the Convair Class VF Convoy Fighter! This called for an aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing from ship and shore to protect ships in a convoy from enemy aircraft. The Convair design was one of a total of five that the Navy received.

The book is logically laid out beginning with an introduction to explain the history of the concept, and then goes directly into the Convair proposal. Cutaway drawings showing the aircraft internals, the seat adjustment for takeoff and landing, general description and so on are provided.

The many technical drawings show armament, engine layout, assembly breakdown. In addition there is discussion for a proposal to the US Army for an observation version of this aircraft for that service. This was ultimately rejected. Color drawings of this can be found on the back cover. The book concludes with discussion and drawings of the Gamby Vertigo plane of 1933, an early VTOL tailsitter aircraft design.


Published: May 24th, 2017     
Reviewed by: Hub Plott, IPMS# 31328
Company: Osprey Publishing

This book is a condensed history of the Avro Lancaster. What would come to be the mainstay of Bomber Command has its lineage traced from the beginnings of the failed Manchester design into the most famous of Britain's WWII bombers.

The book is broken down into five chapters plus an introduction. The chronology section lasts three pages and lists all important dates from the Air Ministry specification of July 1936 that lead to the Lancaster's development through to the 1956 retirement of the Lanc and the 1963 retirement of its follow-on the Lincoln.

The design and development chapter begins not just with the Manchester but also discusses how the development of long range bombers had been held back since the Handley Page Heyford in favor of medium ranged twins. This section takes you through how its life started slowly and disappointingly with the Manchester to being a legend for the RAF.

F-4J Phantom II & F/A-18F Super Hornet "Jolly Rogers" (2 kits) Limited Edition

Published: May 24th, 2017     
F-4J Phantom II & F/A-18F Super Hornet "Jolly Rogers" (2 kits) Limited Edition
Reviewed by: Dave and Camden Koukol, IPMS# 46287
Scale: 1/72
Company: Hasegawa USA


Of all of the US Naval Aviation fighter squadrons, VFA-103 has one of the most recognizable color and markings schemes since the Vietnam War. Nicknamed "The Jolly Rogers, " the squadron boldly sports black and gold unit markings featuring the legendary "Jolly Roger" skull and crossbones. "The Jolly Rogers" were formed in 1944 as VF-17, and saw action under numerous squadron designations throughout their history. From the Vietnam War era through 1995, VF-84 claimed the "The Jolly Rogers" moniker. Upon VF-84's inactivation in 1995, VFA-103 took up the "Jolly Rogers" mantle to keep a rich Navy tradition alive.

Represented in this 2-kit set are 2 legendary aircraft originally conceived by McDonnel Douglas -- the F-4J Phantom II and the F/A-18F Super Hornet. The F-4J was the Navy's primary fighter-bomber during the Vietnam and into the mid-1970's until replaced by the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. Ironically, the F-14's replacement was the F/A-18 Super Hornet, which has seen ongoing operations in the Global War on Terror.

L-29 Delfin - Delfin Air Scoops

Published: May 22nd, 2017     
L-29 Delfin - Delfin Air Scoops
Reviewed by: Clare Wentzel, IPMS# 1096
Scale: 1:72
Company: Quickboost

The L-29 Delfin was a jet-powered trainer airplane that was designed by the Aero Company of Czechoslovakia. An excellent kit of the Delfin has recently been released in 1/72 scale by AMK. Although this kit, in my opinion, is very good, our friends at Aires/Quickboost have found some areas where the accuracy of various parts can be improved.