Reviews of products for scale aircraft models.

Air War on the Eastern Front

Published: December 19th, 2020     
Air War on the Eastern Front
Reviewed by: James Kelley - IPMS# 42106

The Red Air Force versus the Luftwaffe in the skies over Eastern Europe.

June 1941: Having conquered most of Western Europe, Adolf Hitler turned his attention to the vast Soviet Union. Disregarding his Non-Aggression Pact with Joseph Stalin, Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, a full-scale invasion of the Soviet homeland aimed squarely at Moscow.

In the skies over Russia, the battle-hardened airmen of the Luftwaffe made short work of the Red Air Force during opening days of Barbarossa. To make matters worse, Stalin had executed many of his best pilots during the perennial "purges" of the 1930s. Thus, much of the Red Air Force was destroyed on the ground before meeting the Luftwaffe in the skies. By 1944, however, the Soviet airmen had regained the initiative and fervently wrested air superiority from the now-ailing Axis Powers.

P-47N Wheels (3 types of patterns)

Published: December 13th, 2020     
P-47N Wheels (3 types of patterns)
Reviewed by: Rob Booth - IPMS# 37548
Scale: 1:72
Company: Brengun

Brengun Models is a scale model and detailing parts manufacturer located in the Czech Republic. Their lines include limited production run multi-media kits and exquisitely detailed photo-etched, turned brass and white metal replacement parts for aircraft in the most commonly produced scales.

Brengun has produced a set of wheels with three different tread patterns for any 1/72 scale P-47N. There are no instructions, and any modeler familiar with resin parts will have no issues installing these wheels in lieu of the kit parts. A close-up evaluation of the parts (see photos), indicates a simple cut and replace installation that provides realistic scale-detailed wheels with significantly improved appearance to molded plastic kit parts. Note that the castings contain two hub inserts that are suitable for any of the tread patterns.

How To Paint Bare Metal

Published: December 13th, 2020     
How To Paint Bare Metal
Reviewed by: Blaine Singleton - IPMS# 50734


This How To Paint Bare Metal is a magazine from the AMMO company in the solution book series that details the products and techniques using the AMMO products to produce a jet model with a metal finish.


The first section of the magazine talks about all the Mig products and their applications to finish the model highlighted. Then the magazine is divided into steps all covering specific phases of applying a metal finish to your models. Emphasis is placed on model prep from craftmanship of the model to cleaning with alcohol and applying primer. Once the model is painted, then the discussion turns to decaling and weathering the metal finish.

There are 59 glossy pages adorned with high definition pictures of the steps to complete the model highlighted in the magazine. In this case it is finishing the Academy 1/48 scale Mig 21.

After the initial section on products and their use techniques, the magazine is divided into 13 steps to produce the metal finish, apply decals to it and then weather the finish.

Polish Wings 29: Supermarine Spitfire V, Volume 1

Published: December 12th, 2020     
Polish Wings 29:  Supermarine Spitfire V, Volume 1
Reviewed by: Brian R. Baker - IPMS# 43146
Company: MMP Books


In 1939, after the defeat of the Polish Air force by the Germans and the Russians, a substantial number of trained and experienced Polish pilots and ground crews managed to escape to France and England. Eventually, they were formed into fighter squadrons attached to, but not specifically a part of, the British Royal Air Force. Most of the pilots were originally assigned to units flying the Hawker Hurricane, but in 1941, these units were re-equipped with Spitfire Mk. V fighters, the current version of this famous fighter. From 1942 until early 1945, these units used Mk. V Spitfires against the Luftwaffe, until they were eventually replaced by the Spitfire Mk. IX and American Mustangs. In total, about 800 Spitfire Mk. V's were used by various Polish units, and they inflicted considerable losses against the Luftwaffe.

Dauphin II SA. 365N

Published: December 12th, 2020     
Dauphin II SA. 365N
Reviewed by: Dan Brown - IPMS# 47967
Scale: 1/48
Company: Kitty Hawk

The Aerospatiale SA. 365 Dauphin II is a twin engined helicopter produced in France for the French Navy and for export depending on the version. This airframe has been adapted for number of rolls, serving everything from law enforcement and air ambulance services to corporate transport. The first release of this kit from Kitty Hawk was in 2013 and this new release covers a number of different versions, all in a search and rescue roll from around the world.

As I mentioned above the base kit for this release is the original Kitty Hawk kit from 2013. Several new sprues add parts to cover the many options available for this kit. The kit comes in a large and very colorful box that features an image of the helicopter in the colorful French Naval markings. Included in the box are 10 sprues of very light grey styrene, 1 clear sprue, 1 PE fret and a very large decal sheet. Many of these parts will not be used in the build as there are a ton of extra parts included from previous versions.