Reviews of products for scale automotive models, including motorcycles and motorized vehicles.

Multicar M-22

Published: December 7th, 2016     
Multicar M-22
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell, IPMS# 49715
Scale: 1/35
Company: Plus Model

Plus Model has provided another great resin kit of an East German cold war truck; the Multicar M-22. Used for all types of military cargo use, mainly on airfields across Eastern Europe by the Czech forces.

The detail quality is good in most areas. There minimal flash or other imperfections. Once removed from the mold base, the parts are ready to assemble. There was a very bad bow in the chassis which I managed to reduce a bit using hot water, but it is still a little visible in the final build.

The small parts are very delicate, and you must take extreme care when removing them from the mold base.

The Assembly is in 15 steps and is very quick and easy. The only issues encountered were the bow in the Chassis, as I mentioned previously, and the drive shaft was a little short, so I extended it. The steering shaft was also a little long so it needed to be reduced.

This was a nice build, but the bow in the chassis did make me feel a little disappointed in the final finish.

Chevy Nova Yenko

Published: December 4th, 2016     
Chevy Nova Yenko
Reviewed by: John Kaylor, IPMS# 48733
Scale: 1/25
Company: Revell, Inc.


Yenko Chevrolet was a Chevy dealership in Pennsylvania between 1949 and 1982. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Don Yenko utilized Chevy's Central Office Production Order system to order cars built with the 427 cubic inch, 425 HP, L-72 Chevy engine. Only about 38 Yenko Novas were built in 1969, and this kit does a remarkable job at representing these incredible vehicles.

This was an easy build. It has its share of instruction-related issues, and there are a few places that I will point out where you have to be careful, but it has some nice features, and goes together nicely.

Johnson Lowe's NASCAR #48 Chevy SS

Published: November 29th, 2016     
Johnson Lowe's NASCAR #48 Chevy SS
Reviewed by: Doug Cole, IPMS# 46605
Scale: 1/24
Company: Revell, Inc.

It's hard to argue with success and Jimmie Johnson has proven his abilities since he burst onto the NASCAR scene. This kit represents a snap together kit aimed at drawing the youngsters into the hobby with a great looking, easy-to-build race car model.

This review covers the skill level 2 (ages 8 years and older) 2016 release of the Jimmie Johnson Lowe's NASCAR #48 Chevy SS Revell 1:24 Scale Model Kit #85-1475. Molded in color and featuring colorful stickers this kit is the perfect "first model" for young builders. You will need one tool - a small Phillips head screwdriver to affix the body to the chassis. There are 35 pieces molded in black, gray and clear with vinyl tires to go with the pre-painted body. This is a "curbside" kit with no real motor and the interior and suspension parts have minimal detail. Finished dimensions are: Length: 8-3/16'', Width: 3-1/8'', Height: 2-3/8''.

Construction and Detailing

You'll find that most of the installation is pretty easy with positive receiving tabs and posts but you may have to help a youngster get some of the parts seated where there might be a little flash on the edges.

'30 Ford Model A Roadster 2'n1

Published: November 16th, 2016     
'30 Ford Model A Roadster 2'n1
Reviewed by: Joe Porche’, IPMS# 20296
Scale: 1/25
Company: Revell, Inc.

Parts Count

  • 71 White styrene plastic parts on ten spure with two individually wrapped
  • 69 Chrome styrene plastic parts on five spure
  • 10 Clear styrene plastic parts on one spure
  • 4 Vinyl rubber tires
  • 1 5 3/4" x 5 1/8" decal sheet
  • 1 16 pages, 24 step instruction booklet

All parts are in separate sealed plastic bags and appear to be free of any flash. The chrome is bright and free of scratches. Clear parts are individually wrapped and appear free of scratches. The molds for the rubber vinyl tires appear to be fresh and without flash or mutation. Of note, the white styrene plastic this kit is molded in is extremely easy to work with; carves easily, sands well and reacts nicely with liquid solvent style glues like Tamiya Extra Thin Cement or Tenex 7. Decals have many options, are crisp printed and covered with protective wax paper.


Lots of parts in this kit, as it is a 2-in-1 edition of the 1930 Ford Model A.

Of note, there are no options available to do a stock Ford Model A. This is a hot rod version like last year's Revell 1929 Model A release.

Iveco Hi-Way 40th Anniversary

Published: November 14th, 2016