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Reviews of products for scale figures and diorama models.

Wooden Airfield Base

Published: May 21st, 2020     
Wooden Airfield Base
Reviewed by: Paul Mahoney - IPMS# 8943
Scale: 1/48
Company: Tiger Werke

As an aircraft modeler, I was unfamiliar with this company that is primarily focused on 1/35 resin armor accessories. According to the box inserts and website, they are under new management and are expanding the current line. This base fit right into my area of focus, so I was pleased to have a chance to write a review.

The first thing I noticed was how hefty and sturdy the packing box was. It is made of thick cardboard and has a few images of the product on the top. Inside, the resin base is wrapped in a plastic bag and tucked very securely between foam blocks. This is definitely not going to move around in box during shipping or handling!

The base itself is a good-sized chunk of resin (approximate 10" x 11"), and thus relatively heavy. It will not be sliding around on the display shelf! The casting seems crisp, and the texture of the mud and boards looks good to me. Some textures appear more distinct than others, but this is replicating all-natural materials, so that made sense to me. I did think some of the gaps in between the planks were a bit deep or wide, but that issue disappeared after I painted and weathered it.

Castle Fence

Published: May 16th, 2020     
Castle Fence
Reviewed by: Ben Morton - IPMS# 47301
Scale: 1/72
Company: Hauler Brengun

Hauler is introducing a new 1/72nd scale diorama accessory that should find its way into a myriad of scenarios. Their Castle Fence set consists of both resin and photo-etched bits. On the resin front, there are five fence posts (36mm tall), one section of stuccoed wall (69mm x 21mm) and three sections of short, brick wall (69mm x 9mm).

Photo-etched parts are included for wrought-iron fencing along two sections of wall and a complete gate for another section. The photo-etched gate bits include both sides of the gate as well as latches and a gate support should you wish to pose it open. All of which is nicely illustrated in the assembly instructions.

The molding of the brick wall sections is as we have come to expect from Hauler, first rate. After removing the pour plugs from the resin parts all that's required is to apply paint and the weathering of your choice. You may even wish to put some trailin' vines on the finished wall when its all said and done.

S.W.A.T Team Figures

Published: May 10th, 2020     
S.W.A.T Team Figures
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell - IPMS# 49715
Scale: 1:24
Company: ICM

ICM has released a set of the four S.W.A.T. fighters that were previously released separately.

In the box is:

  • 8 x light grey sprues
  • 4 x clear sprue
  • 4 x instruction sheets

While you get 8 sprues, you also get plenty of unused (spare) parts as four are the same which is for the weapons and accessories for each figure.

All the sprues are extremely well molded with no little flash and great detail.


The four figures have separate instruction sheets, and each has several options such as helmets, weapons etc.

The construction of each is very easy and they assemble very well. You do need to do a little filling on some of the arm joints but its minimal.

You also must remember if you use the glasses supplied over their eyes these must be installed before the helmets are attached.

I really enjoyed building these and they look great as a team of individually.

Now, the only moan about a this kit is the lack of decals which would have been a great addition. I made my own FBI patches rather than try to paint them.

Chernobyl #1 - Radiation Monitoring Station

Published: May 8th, 2020     
Chernobyl #1 - Radiation Monitoring Station
Reviewed by: Gino Dykstra - IPMS# 11198
Scale: 1/35
Company: ICM

I don't think it's necessary for me to go into the details regarding the horrific Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster that shook the world in the 1980's and created the largest uninhabitable radioactive region on the globe, ultimately costing hundreds if not thousands of lives. The Fukishima disaster may ultimately turn out to do more damage, but Chernobyl certainly stands out as one of the top examples of manmade blunders up to now.

On that cheery note, it is with more than a little awe that I examine one of ICM's latest and perhaps most ambitious products - the Chernobyl #1 diorama-in-a-box. Literally intended to be an entire scene in one package, this kit contains a command center truck, five new figures, a small hut and various bits and pieces to compose a radiation check point outside the recently destroyed power plant. To top it off, a beautifully rendered background is included to help you recreate the box cover in its entirety.

Roman Centurion (1st Century)

Published: May 6th, 2020     
Roman Centurion (1st Century)
Reviewed by: Will Kuhrt - IPMS# 46746
Scale: 1:16
Company: ICM

First Impression

ICM Holding, a Ukrainian-based company known for outstanding quality, has produced excellent figure kit with this brand-new tooling release of a Roman Centurion from the 1st Century. The box contains one bag containing two gray sprues and a separate black sprue (and bag) for the base. The kit contains a total of 49 parts. The parts are crisply molded and engraved; the detail is outstanding and all parts are flash free. The double-sided assembly guide combines the assembly and painting guidelines.

One very impressive aspect of this kit is that fact that the arms and legs are solid molds and you will not have to worry about filling lots of seems as is typical with many plastic figure kits. In my view, this kit is so close in quality to resin figure models that I believe many in the figure modeling community will really enjoy this model kit.

A very nice bonus is a full-color frameable art print (matching the box art).