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Napoleon’s Waterloo Army - Uniforms and Equipment

Published: March 29th, 2020     
Napoleon’s Waterloo Army - Uniforms and Equipment
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell - IPMS# 49715
Company: Frontline Books

When Napoleon returned from Exile on Elba he wanted to rule France in peace but that was not to be. In the following weeks Napoleon gathered an army of 128,000 soldiers. This book gives all the details of the troops of the French Army under Napoleon at the battles of Ligny, Quatre-Bras, and Waterloo.

I was surprised at how much content this book held when it arrived for review, it is one heavy book (in weight)! The book's chapters are based on all the different divisions and corps within the army. The details within each of the chapters are incredible and shows how much research the author did to put this book together. I was amazed at the pictures of original equipment and uniforms. They make this book a great reference source.

I must say that the book is very in-depth which some may not like, and could make it heavy work for some. I myself loved the amount of information and lists included.

I found this book so informative and was full of facts and details I was never aware of. Another nice touch is the inclusion of the unique paintings of Keith Rocco.

I recommend this book to everyone with an interest in military history.

Berlin Wall

Published: March 24th, 2020     
Berlin Wall
Reviewed by: William Huffman - IPMS# 518760
Scale: 1/35
Company: AFV Club

The Berlin Wall stood from 1961 to 1989. During that time the cold war anxiously dragged-on between Uncle Sam, and a Big Red Bear held behind an Iron Curtain. For many people, the Berlin Wall became the physical manifestation of that imagined Iron Curtain.

The AFV Club Berlin Wall model kit represents the Berlin Wall in its most remembered form. While "The Wall" was continuously updated with various designs throughout its 28 years, AFV Club's Berlin Wall kit represents the last iconic design until its destruction in 1989.


  • 1 plastic Bag with 3 "A" Sprues with 4 parts per sprue
  • 1 plastic bag with a set of water slide decals depicting graffiti/street art

First Impressions

The parts are very clean on the sprue's, with cement texturing on the surfaces which looks appropriate, and able to hold up under paint and the large decals.

The History of Toy Soldiers

Published: March 2nd, 2020     
The History of Toy Soldiers
Reviewed by: Pablo Bauleo - IPMS# 46363
Company: Pen & Sword

This book covers the history of toy and model soldiers for the last 2,500 years of human civilization. That is not a minor feat, considering that human civilization is about 6,000-year-old.

The book describes the religious and martial uses of scale toys in the past and how the model soldier became a toy in the late 1800s through the mid-1950 and a collectible in the 21st century. It includes the evolution from paper, to tin, to alloys and finally to plastic.

It also has a few chapters (listed as "Cameo") where collectors tell very personal stories of how they got interested in toy soldiers, why they collect them and what aspect of collecting them gives them the most pleasure (it could be going "hunting" to an open market for that rare find or how the old memory of a dime-store gets triggered by holding a given figure).

Desert Battle Series: Skull Clan – New Amazons. This is not the place for strangers!

Published: February 8th, 2020     
Desert Battle Series: Skull Clan – New Amazons.  This is not the place for strangers!
Reviewed by: Gino Dykstra - IPMS# 11198
Scale: 1/35
Company: Master Box Ltd

Master Box sure enjoys exploring new venues for its range, and their growing post-apocalyptic series is one really worth watching. As always, the concepts are inventive and the execution quite pleasing. This latest five-figure set (really a diorama in a box) is no exception.

WWII German MG08 MG Team

Published: January 28th, 2020     
WWII German MG08 MG Team
Reviewed by: Gino Dykstra - IPMS# 11198
Scale: 1/35
Company: ICM

ICM has made something of a name for itself in recent years by releasing some of the nicest WW1 figure sets available on the market. Along with infantry figures, they have started releasing machine gun sets with crew, which is certainly an appropriate addendum to their WW1 line.

Their excellent MG08 is actually available with two separate crews - one appropriate to its World War I use and another for its later utilization during World War II. Although tasked with providing information on the WW2 version, I actually had both in my kit collection, so could make some comparisons.

The WW2 variant includes the famous MG08 machine gun on its distinctive sled mounting, two crew members, two styles of ammunition cans, and two different water cans. Molding is very fine and delicate, with the consequence that the machine mount itself is just a little bit flimsy. Caution is necessary here, especially cleaning off the more delicate parts such as the front fork. The same caution should be utilized on assembling the accessories, as both the ammunition boxes and overflow cans have some very delicate sidewalls and handles.