Military Vehicles

Reviews of products for scale military vehicle models.

Designing the T-34, Genesis of the Revolutionary Soviet Tank

Published: May 17th, 2020     
Designing the T-34, Genesis of the Revolutionary Soviet Tank
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell - IPMS# 49715

This book sets out to explain how the Soviets came to develop what has become arguably World War two's most revolutionary tank design.

I have always been intrigued by the history and development of the T-34 as it helped greatly in changing the fate of Russia on the Second World War. This book goes in to incredible details and reasons behind its design and history. There is so much information included that I had not seen before. The pictures are also a great resource and will be invaluable when researching the T-34. There also a few Profile pictures are a particular favorite and great source for modeling.

I was impressed at the amount of information and history found in the pages of this extremely enjoyable book. The pictures along are worth the cost of the book. I will find this book indispensable in my library of reference books.

I recommend this book to everyone with an interest in armor and modeling armor. I very much look forward to other releases in this series.

Thanks go to Casemate Publishing for providing this book to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them

Earth Red Brown Paint

Published: May 17th, 2020     
Earth Red Brown Paint
Reviewed by: Bob LaBouy - IPMS# 3064
Scale: NA
Company: Mission Models


There is a wealth of information on the web regarding the various colors commonly used by the US Army (and Marine Corps) in the US Mobility Equipment Research & Design Command, commonly known as MERDEC camouflage patterns. I recommend these basic URL's for your research. I have also attached two images of vehicles painted in MERDEC schemes to better illustrate these camouflage patterns.

Fine Scale Modeler article and attached comments:

Great color examples of many types of vehicles displaying MERDEC camo patterns:

Richly illustrated article on the Armorama site at:

BMW R75 Escaping from the Falaise Pocket

Published: May 17th, 2020     
BMW R75 Escaping from the Falaise Pocket
Reviewed by: Phillip Cavender - IPMS# 50085
Company: AFV Modeller

The Book

Robert Doepp and AFV Modeller Publications capture for its readers a comprehensive detailed construction of a BMW R75 in 1:9th scale. Inspiration for this 112-page softbound book, "BMW R75 Escaping from the Falaise Pocket" comes from a rare black and white WWII image found in, Pallud, Jean-Paul. Ruckmarsch! The German Retreat from Normandy: Then and Now. Battle of Britain Internat., 2007. The German wartime image depicts a crew of 4 German paratroopers retreating on a BMW R75 with a sidecar attached.

Before this undertaking, several model magazines have showcased Robert Doepp's work including Tamiya Model Magazine, Model Time, Dioramag and Steel Art. As well as being a contributor to several magazines, he has won numerous awards.

M-46 Patton Tank

Published: May 17th, 2020     
M-46 Patton Tank
Reviewed by: Ron Bell - IPMS# 12907
Scale: 1/48

The Kit

Remember these? This kit is from the dawn of armor modeling in the 50's. Aurora had a series

of 1/48 tank kits that included the Stalin III, Chi Ha, M-109, Swedish "S" tank, Centurion, M-70, and Churchill, none of which would be modeled in any scale for literally decades. This is the Atlantis re-release of the M-46 Patton.

There are 127 parts, including four crewmen. The tracks are of the rubber band type, but have decent detail, especially given the age of the kit, join together and fit well. The overall kit detail is on the sparse/simplified side and the turret MG is cartoonish, but over all it does look like a Patton. The lifting eyes are given as rings that you fit into slots in the turret and hull whereas in real life they are more inverted "U" shaped, but this is easily fixed by just nipping off one end. The main gun muzzle brake is decently done, but the barrel end needs to be drilled out. There are no brush guards for the lights.

3cm Flak Panzer IV Kugelblitz

Published: May 12th, 2020     
3cm Flak Panzer IV Kugelblitz
Reviewed by: Jim Pearsall - IPMS# 2209
Scale: 1/72
Company: OKB Grigorov

OKB Grigorov produces resin kits and accessories. The kits are 1/700 submarines and 1/72 armor. The accessories are for 1/35 and 1/72 armor. The kits aim for great detail. This is one of those kits, and it hits the mark.

The Vehicle

The Flak Panzer IV Kugelblitz (fireball) is a Panzerwaffe '46 model. There was an idea for a Panzer IV armed with anti-aircraft weapons, something like the Wirbelwind, but with 3cm guns instead of the Wirbelwind's 2cm guns. The concept was for an enclosed turret, providing protection lacking in the Wirbelwind, and greater stopping power from the larger caliber guns.

The Kugelblitz never made it into production or even prototype. Nevertheless, it's an interesting vehicle based on an interesting idea.

The Model

The model is almost all resin, with some PE parts. If you look at the picture with the parts laid out, you can see that there are a LOT of resin parts in this kit. The result is very fine detail in the wheels and suspension and the Panzer IV hull. The tracks are resin, and go on the tank in an interesting manner.