Military Vehicles

Reviews of products for scale military vehicle models.

American Knights – The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion

Published: June 7th, 2018     
American Knights – The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion
Author: Victor “Troy” Failmezger
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell, IPMS# 49715
Company: Osprey Publishing

This book goes into great detail about the history and combat experience of the first US tank destroyer battalion. It takes you from the unit's formation to the Kasserine pass to Anzio, Operation Dragoon to the final attacks on the Third Reich, this is the fascinating story of the men and machines fighting against Germany's best. This book tells the technical details and origins of the 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion, it allows you to be at the front during the European war.

As the war developed it become very clear that the allies needed to have a way to defeat the German panzers on the battlefields. The answer was the formation of a new type of battalion, the Tank Destroyers.

The book goes on to tell the full and detailed story of the first Tank Destroyer Battalion, the 601st. The book contains lots of rare material, letters, diaries and unpublished photographs.

Soviet Heavy Tank T-100

Published: May 30th, 2018     
Soviet Heavy Tank T-100
Reviewed by: William O'Malley, IPMS# 46473
Scale: 1/72
Company: OKB Grigorov

OKB Grigorov, is a Bulgarian scale model designer and manufacturer established in 2003. Their stated goal is to provide quality models and accessories with the maximum amount of details. OKB manufactures resin AFV, ships, and accessories.

From Wikipedia: The T-100 was a Soviet twin-turreted heavy tank prototype, designed in 1938-39 as a possible replacement for the T-35. The T-100 was originally conceived with three turrets and was eventually built with two. The prototype T-100 tank was briefly tested without success alongside other designs in the Soviet invasion of Finland in 1939. It was never put into production due to the archaic design concept, poor mobility, and the availability of a far superior alternative, the KV series.

OKB's T-100 kit comes packed in a sturdy light cardboard box with the resin parts in several bags inside the box. The parts are cast in a gray resin and have very sharp detail. There are 132 resin parts and 15 photoetch parts for a total of 148. The tracks are molded in strips about 3 1/2 inches long and attached to a pour strip. The treads are quite flexible and have very nice, sharp detail. The thin fenders have some warp.

Panzer IV 1939-1945

Published: May 24th, 2018     
Panzer IV 1939-1945
Author: Paul Thomas
Reviewed by: Michael Novosad, IPMS# 36721
Company: Casemate Publishing

"The Panzer IV - Panzerkampfwagen IV - was one the foremost German fighting vehicles of the Second World War, and this volume in the TankCraft series is an ideal introduction to it. With detailed captions, text and illustrations the book tells the story of the technical development of the Panzer IV and the numerous variants that went into production. In addition it describes how this vehicle evolved from infantry support to become the backbone of the Panzer units. It was modified and upgunned to face ever-increasing enemy threats, and it proved to be so diverse and effective that it earned a unique tactical role on the battlefield.

A large part of the book showcases available model kits and after market products, complemented by a gallery of beautifully constructed and painted models in various scales. Technical details as well as modifications introduced during production and in the field are also examined in order to provide everything the modeler needs to recreate an accurate representation of the only Panzer that stayed in production throughout the war."

Tanks of the USSR 1917-1945

Published: May 23rd, 2018     
Tanks of the USSR 1917-1945
Author: Alexander Ludeke
Reviewed by: Gino Dykstra, IPMS# 11198
Company: Pen and Sword Books Ltd

I've always been a major fan of Russian armor, and have built an embarrassing number of Russian armor kits over the years. Don't ask me why. In any case, information for some of the interesting designs the Soviets have come up with over the years can sometimes be a bit sparse on the ground. Research being the vital aspect of modeling that it is, anything new in the field is always welcome.

Pen-and-Sword out of England now offers a lovely resource in their Fact Files series called "Tanks of the USSR 1917-1945" which covers the raw beginnings of the Russian armored forces to the stage where it becomes a force to be reckoned with on the world stage. This book covers everything from the first FT-17 based copies all the way through the heaviest, most formidable tank the world had seen up to that point - the revolutionary JS-3.

M113 APC 1960-75

Published: May 20th, 2018     
M113 APC 1960-75
Author: Jamie Prenatt
Reviewed by: Phil Peterson, IPMS# 8739
Company: Osprey Publishing

When you think about armor in the Vietnam war you almost always think about the M113, especially in it's ACAV fit. A vehicle designed to bring the troops close to the battle under some armor protection turned into a combat vehicle

This 48-page soft cover book focuses on the use of the M113 during the Vietnam war not only by the US but also the ARVN and Australian forces.

The book starts off with design and development that led to the M113 and the major variants of the vehicle which were many including versions equipped with a mortar, flame thrower and Vulcan 20mm cannon. They were also used as Fitters vehicles, Command centers and bride layers.

The Combat History section covers operations by the South Vietnamese, US and Australia and ends with a brief section regarding South Korean, Thailand and the Philippines use of the vehicle in country.