Military Vehicles

Reviews of products for scale military vehicle models.

Model W.O.T.8

Published: March 27th, 2020     
Model W.O.T.8
Reviewed by: Will Kuhrt - IPMS# 46746
Scale: 1/35
Company: ICM

ICM Holding, a Ukrainian-based company known for outstanding quality, has produced a very nice version of a truck that you don't see very often on the market. The W.O.T. 8 (Work Office Transport) was a World War II truck produced by the Ford Motor Company in Dagenham, UK. Ford (UK) was one of the largest suppliers of trucks to British Forces. The W.O.T. 8, a 4x4, 1.5-ton vehicle, was produced from 1941-1942. It was used in North Africa, Italy and also in Europe between 1942 and 1945. Around 2,500 W.O.T.8 trucks were produced.

The finished kit will measure about 6 inches length and 3.25 inches in height. Contained in the box is one sealed bag holding six highly detailed gray styrene sprues and a separately bagged clear sprue. It also has one set of rubber tires and a photo etched set containing five parts. The kit contains 234 parts which were all flash free and showed no injection marks or sink holes. Panel lines are finely recessed. Parts which are not used for this particular model are clearly marked on the sprue diagrams with pick highlights.

German WWII License Plates

Published: March 26th, 2020     
German WWII License Plates
Reviewed by: Scott Hollingshead - IPMS# 34786
Scale: 1/72
Company: Hauler Brengun

For those who prefer the smaller footprint of 1/72 scale WWII German subjects, Hauler has released this set of license plates, which look great for their size. While I typically start my reviews with a little history on the item that I am reviewing, when it comes to license plates, there is just not much to write. What I can tell you is that on a single photoetched fret, Hauler provides 58 plates of the three styles used most during the war. 27 of the plates are etched with a raised outer edge, while the remaining 31 are flat plates.

These plates will be an easy item to add to any kit to either replace the plastic equivalent or can be added if the kit neglected to add the plate(s). While no instructions are provided, none are needed as you can replace the kit plate(s) following those instructions for location or using reference photos to install them in the correct location.

M1 Abrams: The US’s Main Battle Tank in American and Foreign Service, 1981 - 2019

Published: March 21st, 2020     
M1 Abrams: The US’s Main Battle Tank in American and Foreign Service, 1981 - 2019
Reviewed by: Bob LaBouy - IPMS# 3064
Company: Pen & Sword

In this book, Number 17 in the TankCraft series, author David Grummitt, has provided many tools for the modeler and historian alike. The Table of Contents provides for the basic outline:

  • American Tank Development during the Cold War
  • Abrams Development and Technical Specifications
  • The Cold War
  • Camouflage and Markings
  • Model Showcase
  • Modelling Products
  • First Gulf War
  • Keeping the Peace
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Abrams Today
  • Abrams in Foreign Service
  • Further Reading

Richly illustrated with black and white and color photographs, color and black & white line drawings. The color side views provide a great visual guide for the modeler.

The early develop of the tank is traced clear back to the earliest of the Patton tanks (M48) through the M60 series of the Army and Marine Corps' main battle tanks.

M16 MGMC Meat Chopper

Published: March 2nd, 2020     
M16 MGMC Meat Chopper
Reviewed by: Ben Morton - IPMS# 47301
Scale: 1/35
Company: AFV Club

There are a number of 1/35th scale M16 half track plastic models available from Monogram, Tamiya, Dragon, and even an offering from Academy/Minicraft. Among these other manufacturer's is AFV Club with a newly tooled 1/35th scale M16 MGMC "Meat Chopper". This kit features a detailed chassis and engine, positionable doors, hood panels, and radiator covers as well as a plethora of other details that might just make this offering the best M16 MGMC of them all.

Assembly of the 'Meat Chopper' begins with the chassis and that task begins with the transmission. The transmission consists of some twenty-six individual parts, which should give you a clue to the detail that comes in the box. (Reminiscent of a Bronco kit.) Not to be left cowering in the corner, the detailed engine consists of over thirty parts! Which includes everything from six, individual spark plugs to a four piece generator.

Medium Tank M3 Lee I Topdrawings

Published: March 1st, 2020     
Medium Tank M3 Lee I Topdrawings
Reviewed by: Bill O'Malley - IPMS# 46473


M3 General Lee is an American medium tank from World War II era, also used by the British Army and known as Lee in the US, and in the United Kingdom as Grant. The M3 tank was created as a result of the need to replace the obsolete M2 tank, which did not match the WWII battlefield. The serial production began in August 1941. The M3 tank had many components from the M2 light tank, including chassis, Wright R975 EC2 star engine, and the shape of the combat compartment.

Kagero Topdrawings

Kagero Topdrawings series are a great resource for all modelers who want correct proportions and details of the vehicle. High quality line drawings are presented along with colored profiles and camouflage schemes. Plans are in popular scales including 1/48 and 1/35 for military vehicles.

Medium Tank M3 Lee I Line Drawings

The Topdrawings for the M3 Lee include line drawings of all sides and the vehicle top for the following variations: