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Albatros D.III/D.V, Aces’ Fighter Brian R. Baker Publications Aircraft November 20, 2018
Guerrilla Nightmare: Luftwaffe Stukas at War Against Tito’s Partisans in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945 Michael Reeves Publications Aircraft November 13, 2018
Heinkel He 111 Volume I Jason Holt Publications Aircraft November 11, 2018
The "Einheits-Diesel" WW2 German Trucks Bill O'Malley Publications Military Vehicles November 10, 2018
Naval Archives Volume 9. Radetzky-class – Forgotten Battleships of the Forgotten Navy Luke R. Bucci PhD Publications Ships October 28, 2018
The Tanks of Operation Barbarossa Dick Montgomery Publications Military Vehicles October 22, 2018
Modern Chinese Warplanes Chinese Naval Aviation-Aircraft and Units Michael Novosad Publications Aircraft September 30, 2018
The Forgotten War of the Royal Navy - Baltic Sea 1918-1920 Ron Bell Publications Ships September 26, 2018
The Type XXI U-Boat Frank Landrus Publications Ships September 24, 2018
Chance Vought F4U Corsair Bob LaBouy Publications Aircraft September 3, 2018