Name Reviewed by Product Type Review Type Published
Product Image Mirage F-1 CT/CR "Special Edition" with Tru-Color Paints Pablo Bauleo Kits Aircraft January 21, 2020
Products Provided
Name Reviewed by Product Type Review Type Published
F-14A "VF-143 Pukin Dogs" Paul R. Brown Kits Aircraft January 15, 2021
M4A2 Sherman U.S. Marine Corps Blaine Singleton Kits Military Vehicles December 13, 2020
AH-64A ANG "South Carolina" Dave Morrissette Kits Aircraft November 13, 2020
Panzer III Aust. J "North Africa" Tim Wilding Kits Military Vehicles November 13, 2020
2S19-M1 Self-Propelled Howitzer Mike Lamm Kits Military Vehicles November 6, 2020
H-34A Pirate/UH-34D U.S. Marines Bill Kluge Kits Aircraft November 6, 2020
Italian Tanks & Semoventi M-13/40 M-14/41 M-40/41 Pablo Bauleo Kits Military Vehicles October 25, 2020
Vosper MTB 74 with Crew- Part 2 Mike Kellner Kits Ships September 20, 2020
USMC F-35B VMFA-121 "Green Knights" David Horn Kits Aircraft September 18, 2020
F-104G Cockpit Bob LaBouy Kits Aircraft September 14, 2020