Pen and Sword Aviation

Products Provided
Name Reviewed by Product Type Review Type Published
Powering the World’s Airliners; Engine Developments From the Propeller to the Jet Age Brian R. Baker Publications Aircraft October 16, 2020
The Jeep Bill O'Malley Publications Military Vehicles August 31, 2019
M65 Atomic Cannon Ben Morton Publications Military Vehicles July 28, 2019
Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer Eric Christianson Publications Military Vehicles November 7, 2018
Tanks of the USSR 1917-1945 Gino Dykstra Publications Military Vehicles May 23, 2018
Collecting Toy Soldiers in the 21st Century Jack Kennedy Publications Miscellaneous January 10, 2012
Air War Afghanistan - NATO Air Operations from 2001 Dave Koukol Publications Aircraft September 16, 2011
RAF Harrier Ground Attack - Falklands Bill Kluge Publications Aircraft September 7, 2011
The Pacific Naval War, 1941-1945 Brian R. Baker Publications Ships August 30, 2011
The Battle-Cruiser HMS Renown 1916 - 1948 Bill Kluge Publications Ships August 29, 2011