Specialty Press

Name Reviewed by Product Type Review Type Published
Product Image Tiger! - The DH82 Tiger Moth Frank Landrus Publications Aircraft March 15, 2015
Product Image MOTORAMA – GM's Legendary Show and Concept Cars John Noack Publications Automotive February 19, 2015
Product Image Collecting Vintage Plastic Model Airplane Kits Hub Plott Publications Aircraft December 12, 2014
Product Image Military Aircraft Insignia of the World Pablo Bauleo Publications Aircraft September 29, 2014
Bloody Biscay: The History of V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40 Pablo Bauleo Publications Miscellaneous January 22, 2014
Wings of the Navy Pablo Bauleo Publications Aircraft October 15, 2013
Product Image U.S. Guided Missiles, The Definitive Reference Guide Rob Benson Publications Miscellaneous March 8, 2013
Airborne Hub Plott Publications Aircraft May 26, 2012
Mosquito Pathfinder, A Navigator's 90 WWII Bomber Operations Rob Benson Publications Aircraft May 17, 2012
Building the P-51 Mustang Greg Wise Publications Aircraft March 14, 2012
Products Provided
Name Reviewed by Product Type Review Type Published
Axis Aircraft in Latin America Pablo Bauleo Publications Aircraft February 22, 2017
Soviet and Russian Military Aircraft in the Americas Frank Landrus Publications Aircraft February 18, 2017
British Secret Projects 5: Britain's Space Shuttle Frank Landrus Publications Space and Sci-Fi Vehicles February 17, 2017
Drone Strike! UAVs and Unmanned Aerial Warfare in the 21st Century Frank Landrus Publications Aircraft February 2, 2017
Famous Russian Aircraft: Mikoyan MiG-17 Frank Landrus Publications Aircraft December 20, 2016
Miles M.52: Britain’s Top Secret Supersonic Research Aircraft Frank Landrus Publications Aircraft December 16, 2016
US Combat Aircraft Fly-Off Competitions Frank Landrus Publications Aircraft July 20, 2016
Flying Wings and Radical Things Allan Murrell Publications Aircraft July 14, 2016
American Secret Projects Vol 1: Fighters, Bombers and Attack Aircraft 1937-1945 Hub Plott Publications Aircraft June 16, 2016
X-Planes of Europe II: More Secret Research Aircraft from the Golden Age 1945-1971 Frank Landrus Publications Aircraft May 26, 2016