AC-47 Gunship Interior S. A.

Published: March 6th, 2016     
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Greg Wise, IPMS# 44378
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard
Price: $29.95
Product / Stock #: 49736

The Product

The set is made up of two frets: one brass and one tin printed self-adhesive. First let's look at the brass one, it mainly supports the mini-guns and ammo boxes with just a few parts for the cockpit and forward cabin pieces. Next the printed tin fret, it's loaded with radio faces, console panels, and the instruments panel. It also has a complete set of seat harnesses and assorted placards. My sample arrived in perfect condition and included an easy to understand fold out instruction sheet.

The Build

Starting in the forward sections; cockpit and radio room. First the kit parts require a little plastic removal and land scrapping. The new radio faces and instruments panel fit perfectly as did the rest of the smaller items The hardest items to contend with were all the small levers and control knobs. The rudder pedals turned into a nightmare of photo-etch payback, but I managed somehow. The pilot seats received a makeover complete with seat belts. The ammo boxes look pretty decent but are over engineered.

The Bottom Line

I recommend this to the AMS modeler, but sadly, after you close up the fuselage most of this work will never see the light of day. I would rate this a 7 outta 10 on the Greg-o-meter. I would like to thank Eduard and IPMS for the opportunity to present the fine offering.

  • Seat belts
    Seat belts
  • Completed cockpit
    Completed cockpit
  • Completed cockpit
    Completed cockpit
  • Completed cockpit
    Completed cockpit
  • Instrument panels
    Instrument panels
  • PE fret
    PE fret

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