AIM-9X Sidewinder

Published: December 7th, 2018     
Product Image
Reviewed by: David Horn - IPMS# 44962
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard
Price: $15.00
Product / Stock #: 648435
Product provided by: Eduard

Entering service in 2003, the AIM-9X is the latest version of the "Sidewinder" family of heat seeking missiles. Some of the advancements over previous versions is 90 degrees off boresight capability that is compatible with helmet mounted displays. The missile also incorporates thrust vectoring control improving turning capability. The AIM-9X also internal cooling which removes the need for launch rail nitrogen bottles. The AIM-9X is typically air launched but can be fired from land and sea platforms.

Eduard is known for a wide variety of high quality resin, photo etch and full kits. The AIM-9X is part of their "Brassin" line includes resin and appropriate decals. This product is cast in gray resin and bubble free with a small pour block that you can clearly define where the part is and what resin needs to be cut away.

First off, this set is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that the thin fins are "spot on" and it is unbelievable the precision that is reproduced. The curse is with the fine detailed fins where they can easily get damaged when removing the pour block. The good news is I was able to remove the pour block portion without damaging the fins.

Assembly is very simple once the detailed parts are removed from the pour block. To aid in seating the vectored nozzle, I used a small ball burr bit to make a recess in the aft part of the rocket motor. The vectored nozzle part is tricky to get in place since when I removed the pour block, the center portion was opened and did not remain round very easily. After the nozzle was on, I left the forward fins and seeker head off until painting was finished.

First I painted the fins and warhead area with Alclad II then I applied the gray to the main body. The instructions are very detailed on what colors to use and the same for applying the numerous decals. The only thing I had issues with on the instructions sheet is another view would be nice showing the optional Arm/Safe decals (red/green) and how they are located. The decal color behind the forward fins do not seem correct but I see many variations of color. Next time I think I would just paint that area instead of adding a decal, just a suggestion. The other decals are plentiful and spares are provided on most of the decals which was a life saver for me.

To finish the build, I added the forward fins and seeker head. The seeker heads seemed small and they are easy to lose. Since they were small, I added a small drop of CA glue to bring the shape to where it should be.

As with Eduard "Brassin" sets, they really push the limits of technology for attention to detail and adhering to scale on every set they make.

I would like to thank Eduard for this review sample.

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