Ammo by Mig Jimenez One Shot Primer

Published: March 31st, 2018     
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Reviewed by: 
Tim Wilding, IPMS# 47420
Scale: NA
Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez
Price: $7.95
Product / Stock #: A.MIG 2023, 2024

Ammo by Mig Jimenez has released a new line of primers that are formulated to be applied in one layer or "One Shot" as the bottle says. Ammo says this is formulated with a high gripping power that is self-leveling. They come in larger 60 ml bottle. It can be sanded after drying for 24 hours, does not need thinning, is non-toxic and has a no drip cap. I must not be pouring it incorrectly, because I had a lot of drips, then it splattered when I closed the lid. I wish it came in eye-dropper style bottle like their paint does. I tested the black #2023 and the grey #2024.

Starting out, the most important step in using this is to remove the cap and take off the seal under it. I did not at first and thought the primer cap was already clogged. I used my Badger Patriot airbrush with a .5mm needle at about 20 psi. I selected some left-over parts form past builds to run these test on. I tried spraying one layer on the engine door parts, photo one. It seemed to cover well with a little build up on the smaller parts. I next sprayed about 5 light coats on the gun shield parts, photo two. This seemed to cover better and not cover up any surface details. Lastly, I sprayed a very heavy coat on the armor plating part, photo three. This covered some smaller holes but did not drip or run at all.

I did have some of the black lift off the engine doors when applying masking tape, but I think I applied it too fast after painting. I waited about 10 minutes to apply tape. I tried it again after 30 minutes and had no primer lifting off on the tape. I applied some more primer to the back on the armor plating in light coats and after drying for 24 hours, I sanded it and scratched it. It sanded much better then other acrylic primers I have used. It reminds me of Mr. Surfacer primer, which is a harsh solvent-based primer. I had to really push hard on a toothpick to put noticeable scratches in it.

I cleaned my airbrush my spraying Windex then water through it. It did leave some primer on the tip of the needle, so I had to remove it and used some airbrush cleaner on a q-tip to clean that. One interesting fact about this primer is that it is "One Shot", but the instructions on the back says to apply in light coats. I am thinking they just reused the instructions from their other primer line.

I really like the way this primer covered using the light layers technique, the sand ability, and the easy clean up. I would like to thank Ammo by Mig Jimenez and the IPMS for the opportunity to review this primer.

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