Battlestar Galactica Upgrade Set

Published: February 1st, 2015     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Tim Hortman - IPMS# 19789
Scale: 1/4105
Company: Moebius Models
Price: $19.99
Product / Stock #: 1011
Product provided by: Moebius Models

Moebius Models continues to add to their excellent line of Battlestar Galactica kits. This time with a detail set for the Galactica. This set is designed to be used with the Moebius Models kit #915 1/4105 Battlestar Galactica

Included in this set are three sprues of detailed rail guns, two photo-etched museum windows, and an enhanced decal sheet.

Because there is some minor surgery required to make these parts work, Moebius recommends this set for the more experienced modeler. However, I don't think this set will be difficult to use for anyone with a little modeling skill.

The set comes with a heavy cardboard backing which doubles as the directions for the upgrade set. This backing folds down to reveal detailed directions on painting and applying decals. Note that several of these new parts will need to be added during the assembly process, so take a few minutes and read through everything before you begin. Stapled to the backing is a single bag with three sprues of upgraded guns, two PE window frames, and a large decal sheet.


Rail Gun Turrets

Three sprues contain a total of 24 new gun turrets. Directions indicate that the holes will have to be enlarged for these new guns to fit onto the model (the kit mounting tabs are round, and these replacements are square). Locations for these replacement guns are the same on the original kit; the upper and lower hull as well as the bottom of the upper bow. These new guns are a vast leap ahead of the ones that come in the kit. See the photo and judge for yourself. The original kit parts almost seem "clunky" where the ones with this upgrade set are much more refined. The original kit part is shown here between this upgrade set's rail guns.

Photo-Etched Windows

As a fan of the series will know, the Starboard Flight Bay on Galactica was going to be a Museum after the ship's retirement. To this end, there were large window frames on either end, which are represented here with two PE parts. The PE must be installed before the Flight Bay is completed. Construction is simple enough and parts must be attached with super glue. The PE with my review set is a nickel color. If you so choose, you can add some crystal clear or perhaps a clear film behind the PE for the "window" effect, but that won't be hugely necessary in this scale. I've included an image of the Moebius "Pre-Finished" Galactica kit here so you can see what they will look like installed.

Decal Sheet

The large decal sheet with this update set is far more comprehensive than the decals which are included with the original kit. Detailed outer markings as well as decals for both the port and starboard flight bay landing areas (which are identical to the original kit decals), a Colonial symbol, and "GALACTICA" markings for the hull. Several red markings are also included which will save the modeler from painting these if they choose.

Directions state that the decals "...feature dark semi-translucent surface detailing over a clear substrate, which allows the base color of the model to come through..." This is great news for those of us who don't want to paint all those little darker colored squares on the outer hull of Galactica.

The minimal markings you get with the original kit are the flight bay decals as mentioned above, the Colonial crest, and the "Galactica" markings. This upgrade sheet will make a much more convincing replica display. See the photos for a comparison of the two sheets.

Overall this set is highly recommended. The new rail guns themselves are worth picking this set up, as they will add a greater level of detail to the kit without much effort. Purists may still want to paint all of the panels on their kit, but the decals with this upgrade set will make life easier for most of us.

Thank you to Moebius Models for the review sample and for continuing to add to your Battlestar Galactica kit line.

  • Decal sheet comparison
    Decal sheet comparison
  • PE on finished display model
    PE on finished display model
  • Rail Gun comparison
    Rail Gun comparison
  • Upgrade decal sheet
    Upgrade decal sheet

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