Bf-109F Propeller LATE

Published: May 3rd, 2017     
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Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1:48
Company: Eduard
Price: $9.95
Product / Stock #: 648288

If you want to add some neat detail to your Eduard Bf-109F you may want to consider leaving off the prop spinner and exposing the propeller hub assembly. This certainly will add visual interest and add to any aircraft maintenance diorama.

Packaged in a blister package, protected by foam inserts, these seven light grey resin pieces are all that you need to do it. A small fret of two photo etch circular rings are included. The resin is blemish free. One of the pieces is an alignment tool to aid in drilling the centering hole and also setting the proper pitch angle.

This set is nearly identical to the EARLY version. The only difference is the propeller blades themselves. This set replicates the VDM 9-12010 type of blade which is slightly larger than the earlier VDM 9-11207. This type was typically found on the Bf-109F-4.

The openings for the propellers are not the 'oblong teardrop' shape but are effectively cut to replicate the opening. backplate of the prop hubs does not have the balancing holes should you want to pose the spinner off. y are easy enough to drill but I think they should have designed them into the spinner backplate from the get go.

Removal of the pour blocks will take the longest to add the detail. Nothing too drastic just some care must be used on the prop spinner. Once everything is removed, including the alignment tool, it is simple to add the pieces together after painting them. Using the alignment tool you will have to drill out the center mount hole and align the prop blades at the proper pitch.

Adding the blast tube on the end is pretty easy. Well, its easy now that I figured it out. What I did to ensure that the tube was centered was using a brand new knife blade I cut the PE part from the fret. Then I inserted it on a round toothpick. Add some extra thin superglue to the PE and then slide the toothpick into the opening in the spinner and slide the PE blast tube down with tweezers. This makes it slide centered and the glue holds it into place and doesn't stick to the wood. Simple, easy and effective. After that it is just a matter of painting the hub the proper color(s).

A simple yet effective upgrade to your Friedrich or as part of a diorama. The propeller openings should be more oblong and teardrop shaped and the backplate should have the balancing holes but the detail on the hub is perfect. The simple parts breakdown and simple design makes it easier to show the detail of the hub. This is well within the skill levels of even beginning resin modelers.


Thanks to Eduard and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain your copy by contacting Eduard at or your local hobby shop or online retailer.

  • Parts as they come packaged
    Parts as they come packaged
  • Company photo of product
    Company photo of product
  • View of assembled and installed propeller, above
    View of assembled and installed propeller, above
  • View of assembled and installed propeller, closer, bring out details
    View of assembled and installed propeller, closer, bring out details
  • Left-side view of installed aftermarket propeller
    Left-side view of installed aftermarket propeller