Boeing B-17G Flying Fortresses 850th BS/490th BG & 851st BS/490th BG

Published: July 19th, 2011     
Package cover sheet
Package cover sheet
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Chad Richmond, IPMS# 10346
Scale: 1/72
Company: Squadron Products
Price: $12.00
Product / Stock #: MS720911

Squadron Products has released a new sheet that is perfect for Revell’s 1/72ndscale B-17G. Both of the aircraft on this sheet are natural metal. “Carolina Moon” is a B-17G-75-BO assigned to the 851st BS/490thBG, stationed in Eye, England, July 1944. ‘Bobby Sox” is a natural metal B-17G-50-VE assigned to the 850thBS/490thBG at Eye, England in August 1944, which was later transferred to the 94thBG in May 1945.

The decals are typical Super Scale Decals that we have been using for so many years. They are extremely thin, nearly no excess decal film, and they appear to