C-130 E/H Engine Set

Published: February 20th, 2019     
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Box Cover
Reviewed by: David Horn - IPMS# 44962
Scale: 1/72
Company: Brengun
Price: $18.32
Product / Stock #: BRL72154
Product provided by: Brengun

Brengun is a new company to me, but what I have seen they are producing a wide range of unique resin and photoetch accessories in 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 as well as 1/144. These nacelles were previously produced by Attack Squadron (Arma Hobby) and that product line was sold to Brengun, which is a big relief to C-130 fans.

This resin set comes in a sturdy cardboard box containing four complete engine nacelles, prop spinners, cowl flaps, blade antenna, and sixteen propeller blades. There is a small instruction sheet explaining the modification required to the inboard nacelle attachment point. The modification corrects the alignment of the prop blades between engines. The correct arrangement is the propeller blades are all in line with each other instead of how the kit is produced placing the outboard prop slightly behind the inboard prop. There is a very small amount of flash on the propeller blades, which is expected, and the remaining parts are very crisp with no visible surface blemishes or bubbles. The photos show the Italeri kit parts next to the resin parts for reference.

Following the instructions, you will need to trim 2.25mm (0.088") from each inboard nacelle mounting on the kit's wing. This will basically trim right up to the leading edge of the wing. After trimming the resin away from the pour blocks and removing any flash, the rest is just simple assembly of the remaining parts. The propeller blades can be positioned at any angle so check your references on the angle required for your build. Unlike some other turboprop aircraft, the C-130 propeller blades to not go to full feather after the aircraft is powered down.

I purchased this same set from Attack a few years ago and noticed a few alignment and fit issues. After contacting them, another set was sent to me to test fit and they corrected all the issues. Now under a new producer, this set has all the same corrections and the fit is excellent. For the C-130 fans out there, this set is a must for your Hercules, especially since the nacelle length is for the C-130A versions. Brengun also offers a 1/72 scale flap set and wheel set for 1/48, 1/72 and 1/144, so I am anxiously waiting to see their next new product for the Hercules.

Thanks to Brengun for this very nice set.

  • Instructions
  • CC130 top
    CC130 top
  • Kit contents
    Kit contents
  • Engine 1
    Engine 1
  • Engine 2
    Engine 2
  • Nacelle 1
    Nacelle 1
  • Nacelle 2
    Nacelle 2
  • Nacelle-wing 1
    Nacelle-wing 1
  • Nacelle-wing 2
    Nacelle-wing 2
  • Nacelle-wing 3
    Nacelle-wing 3
  • Props
  • Spinner
  • Wings

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The J set needs prop blades!

Not sure why they provide blades for the E/H set, but none for the J set....

A must for every Herc builder.

It's great that this set is a form, fit and function replacement to the kit supplied - 9 engines (A/B model Hercs) . The 1/72 Italeri kit has languished too long without proper upgrades. This set, along with the sponson correction and flap wells give the builder a must needed boost to building an accurate H model C-130. The J engine set is a great set as well. 

Herk upgrades

I do have the flap set installed in one build and they are terrific as you stated. Hopefully if that review pops up, I may try to do that one as well. Hopefully Brengun will release the 1/48 stuff as well and maybe do the corrected C-130A "dash" 9 engines with 3 bladed props.

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