Cardboard Boxes (Generic/Electronic Devices/ Beer)

Published: February 4th, 2018     
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Ben Morton, IPMS# 47301
Scale: 1/35
Company: Matho Models
Price: $8.75
Product / Stock #: See Text

Product/Stock Numbers for each set:

  • Generic: 35058
  • Electronic Devices: 35065
  • Beer: 35064

Direct links for all three sets:

Kit Review

Matho Models was established in 2014 and is a manufacturer of premium quality accessories for scale modelers worldwide. My first introduction to this Belgium company was as Math O Models, which is what immediately caught my eye. Turns out someone just wrote it down wrong. I'm glad they did. Otherwise I might have skipped over this manufacturer of some really unique aftermarket accessories for fans of 1/35th scale. I encourage you to visit their website for a full listing of all the other paper craft, 3D- printed resin, and plaster products that Matho Models produces.

The focus of this review is some of their card stock items, specifically card board boxes for electronics, beer, and some just plain ole, dumb, generic boxes. I am a tad bit disappointed that their pizza box set was unavailable for review but one can hope that those will show up later. If it takes too long does that mean the pizza box set is free? [I suspect that not everyone will get that reference to an old Domino's Pizza promotion, but for them that do...give yourself an extra point!]

The generic cardboard box set includes enough boxes for twenty-eight boxes in four sizes. A number of the generic boxes are printed on white 'cardboard'. The generic cardboard boxes are printed with those ubiquitous "Fragile" and "This Side Up" symbols as well as a box certification certificate. You know that goofy thing that lists crush weight, size limit, gross weight, etc. Another nice feature of the generic cardboard box set is a printed color strip representing the sealing tape. There is a cardboard brown coloring on the inside of this box set, so if you wish to use them opened you may.

The electronics set is printed in full color and has enough material for twenty-two boxes in five designs. The labeling is for some specific electronic devices that includes:

  • AIWA XK-007(cassette deck)
  • VAIO/Sony
  • IMac
  • Sony LED TV
  • X Box One.

The electronic devices boxes are also cardboard brown on the inside, so they can too be displayed opened.

The full color cardboard box set for beer has cartons for thirty-four cases of beer with labeling for five beers Those are:

  • Stella Artois
  • Heineken
  • Leffe
  • Bitburger
  • Budweiser

Something a bit different with this cardboard box set is that the inside of these boxes are printed with a brown, cardboard texture, and can be displayed opened. With enough material for the aforementioned thirty-four cases of beer, you should have enough to get you through even a long, holiday weekend!

Each cardboard box set is printed on a single sheet of 20 pound, glossy paper. These are straight forward paper craft items. I found the thinner stock facilitated cutting and folding and makes for a better look than those printed on a heavy stock.

Matho Models doesn't include assembly instructions but I'm not sure you need any. I found cutting, folding, and gluing (w/white craft glue) these cardboard boxes to be pretty intuitive. But should you get stuck or just need a friendly reminder, assembly tips are posted on Matho Models website.

Matho Models currently doesn't have a U.S. Distributor but their products are available from a number of oversea suppliers ( ). Of course, you can get the stuff directly from Matho Models.

Much thanks to Matho Models and IPMS/USA for the review copies of these cardboard box sets.

P.S. Hey pizza dude! Clocks tickin'...

  • Cardboard Boxes-Beer Package
    Cardboard Boxes-Beer Package
  • Beer Boxes Built
    Beer Boxes Built
  • Cardboard Boxes-Electronics Package
    Cardboard Boxes-Electronics Package
  • Electronics Boxes Built
    Electronics Boxes Built
  • Cardboard Boxes-Generic Package
    Cardboard Boxes-Generic Package
  • Generic Boxes Built
    Generic Boxes Built

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