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Published: July 16th, 2015     
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Front of Envelope
Reviewed by: Keith Gervasi - IPMS# 44177
Scale: 1/72
Company: Delta One Decals
Price: $10.88
Product provided by: Delta One Decals

Delta One has produced some interesting decals and this set is no different. This sheet gives you marking options for 7 different Dornier Do-17Z's of the Croatian Air Legion on the Eastern front {10.(Kroatisch)/KG 3, 15.(Kroatisch)/KG 53} and Croatian Air Force 1941-1945.

You are provide in a ziplock bag a beautifully printed decal sheet, that's in register, inside of an 11 page booklet. Inside the booklet on the first two pages is a brief history of the Croatian Do-17Z, a brief description of each of the 7 aircraft and sources for their research.

There is color artwork for 7 A/C that includes both sides, top and partial underside views and also a color chart for each aircraft. The options included are:

  1. Do-17Z-2, WNr. 3443, 10./KG3 '5K+BU', Wyazma-Gradina airfield, January 1942. This aircraft has a white wash painted over the RLM 70/71/65 scheme.
  2. Do-17Z-2, WNr. unknown, 7./KG3 '5K+MR' Wyazma-Gradina airfield, December 1941. This aircraft is in the standard 70/71/65 scheme but there is evidence that it too wore a white wash scheme.
  3. Do-17Z-3, WNr. 2895, 15.(Kroatisch)/KG53 'A1+AZ', Gostkino airfield, September 1942. This aircraft wore the standard 70/71/65 scheme.
  4. Do-17Z-2, WNr. 2789, 15.(Kroatisch)KG53 'A1+DZ', Butmir airfield, June 1943. This A/C wore a weathered 70/71/65 scheme with large patches of darker green (fresh 70?) on both sides of the fuselage.
  5. Do-17Z-2, WNr. unknown, 15.(Kroatisch)KG53 A1+FZ, Borongai airfield, June 1943. This A/C first wore the standard 70/71/65 but in the spring of 43 it was repainted black and light blue.
  6. Do-17Z-3, WNr. unknown, 3.Zrakoplovno jato ZNDH '402', Borongai airfield, May 1945. This A/C wore the standard 70/71/65 scheme but the front parts of the cowls, rudders and lower wingtips were painted yellow.
  7. Do-17Z-5, WNr. 2899, 1./KGr.Kroatien 'Z8+AH', Borongai airfield, July 1944. This A/C wore non-standard Luftwaffe camo scheme. Upper surface was RLM 71 and well-worn out on some places. Lower surface was 65 and it's possible that lower wingtips were yellow. The fuselage band was painted over in a darker color (RLM 70?).

I used Solvaset on some and Micro Sol & Set on others and it really made no difference as they sat down pretty well. You will see some silvering but that is due to me, not the decals.

I highly recommend these and as their website is not up yet, you may contact them at

I would like to thank Delta One for providing these and also for sending me a picture of the sheet as mine got lost! Thanks to the review corps for letting me use & review them and all of you for reading this.

  • Options 1 & 2
    Options 1 & 2
  • Options 3 & 4
    Options 3 & 4
  • Options 5 & 6
    Options 5 & 6
  • Option 7
    Option 7
  • Decal Sheet
    Decal Sheet
  • Close Up 1
    Close Up 1
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    Close Up 2
  • Decal Applied 1
    Decal Applied 1
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    Decal Applied 2
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    Decal Applied 3

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