Curtiss P-40 B/C British Version

Published: November 15th, 2017     
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Package with Airfix kit
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Ben Guenther, IPMS# 20101
Scale: 1/72
Company: Master-Model
Price: $10.15
Product / Stock #: AM-72-123

Master-Model produces exact brass/resin parts that will make your model stand out. This time Master-Model has produced a detail set for the 1/72 P-40 B/C British version that consists of brass cowling blast tubes, backup external gun sights, British style pitot tube and British style .303 brass wing guns. The plastic packaging separates the various items, some of which are very tiny, and hopefully reduces the chance of losing said small parts. An instruction sheet is provided that shows you where the items go and the size of the drill you'll need to use. The dimensions are in metric so I converted them into the English system and marked the instruction sheet with the sizes, see photos.

For this review I used the new Airfix 1/72 Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2 ( P-40). I began with the wings using a small tapered round file to make grooves in both the upper and lower wing halves. I then inserted the brass gun barrels using the instruction sheet as a guide as how far the barrels project out of the wing. These brass gun barrels are a marvel in manufacturing, it was only when I enlarged my photo of them that I realized that slots have been machined into these brass barrels, as per the originals. Some black wash will make these pop when you're finishing your model. Two resin pitot heads, made in the British style, are provided as well as a small brass tube. One has only to carefully put these two together and add some thin CA to bond the two permanently. I used a small tapered round file to open up the hole for the pitot tube and used CA to bond it to the wing.

For the cowling blast tubes I used a #70 drill to make the holes for these tubes. You'll need to check your photo references for the plane you making as these blast tubes could stick out long or short and the ends could be flush or beveled. Master-Model provides a more than long enough brass tube for the length and one end is flush cut and the other cut at a bevel.

The external backup gun sights are provided as a very tiny front bead sight and a PE. Set of four rear cross hair ring sights, see photos. Check the instruction sheet for where you are going to have to drill the holes. The front site can then be added and I used some thin CA that wicks easily to bond in this sight. ( be careful as you are only given one tiny front bead sight) Then I used the flat end of a small chisel to cut out one rear cross hair ring sight and then inserted it into the rear hole, again using thin CA to attach it.

This detail set gives your P-40 model that extra spark that you will like very much, so I can highly recommend it. I want to thank Master-Model and IPMS/USA for allowing be to do this review.

  • Plastic bag with parts
    Plastic bag with parts
  • Instruction Sheet
    Instruction Sheet
  • Underside of Wing - Gun ports filled in
    Underside of Wing - Gun ports filled in
  • British gun barrels have elongated slots
    British gun barrels have elongated slots
  • Brass Pitot Tube & 2 Resin Pitot Heads
    Brass Pitot Tube & 2 Resin Pitot Heads
  • Pitot Tube &  Resin Pitot Head Installed
    Pitot Tube & Resin Pitot Head Installed
  • Cowling Drilled for Guns
    Cowling Drilled for Guns
  • Brass Blast Tubes Installed
    Brass Blast Tubes Installed
  • Gunsight PE Parts
    Gunsight PE Parts
  • Gunsight Ring & Bead Parts Installed
    Gunsight Ring & Bead Parts Installed

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