CVN-65 USS Enterprise Hangar Deck Scale Drawings

Published: July 24th, 2011     
Review Drwgs
Review Drwgs
Author: Tom Pope:
Reviewed by: 
Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Company: Tom Pope:
Other Publication Information: 1/350 scale
Price: $22.00

Editor: Contact Tom  Pope for obtaining the drawings.

It’s not often I do a review on something before I have fully worked it, but this one deserves the time. How many of you have the Tamiya 1/350 USS Enterprise in your stash?  And how many of you have thought of making a hangar deck for the model, but didn’t want the hassle of cut/fit/throw away, repeat? I just finished the Dragon Independence, and can categorically state a hangar deck makes a major impact on the final product… Why not the Enterprise?  Although this is not provided in the kit, it doesn’t require too much work; that is, unless you don’t have dimensions and detail.

Enter Tom Pope’s drawing. He worked on this for two years, and is now ready to offer it on the open market. I have one of these kits in the stash, but have not started it in earnest; However, I did cut out part of the deck the other day from foam card stock, and tried a dry-fit before purchasing any large styrene sheets. Result?  It was spot on. The pictures you see here are from Tom’s build; he’s a lot further on it than I am… It’s all pretty well self-explanatory.

This file is a PDF that Tom will send via e-mail. I’m certain he could include some of the pictures for clarity if you get confused. Follow his instructions for downloading and printing at your local print shop, and you will have a full-size drawing from which to work on. The deck wall detail is provided, so you can work out the ducting, stairs, etc. from 3-d sources with card stock, railing, etc.. As most of the people with “Nimitz” mo