DB 601A/N Engine

Published: March 10th, 2011     
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Roger Carrano, IPMS# 45853
Scale: 1/32
Company: Eduard
Price: $54.95
Product / Stock #: 632003

When I first saw this engine on Eduard's web site, I knew this was going to be, without a doubt, the best version of this engine ever made by any company. This even includes Eduard themselves, because this engine is being used in their kits of the Bf-109 and the Bf-110. I thought at the time that I would ask if I can use this kit to include in my review of the BF-110 but, after receiving it and seeing how great the detail was, I decided to build it as a stand alone and not let all that detail be hidden from view.

The kit includes close to 40 resin parts and two photoetch frets. As a bonus, included in the kit, you also get a small resin tool bag with tools sticking out from it's pockets and one of the photo-etch frets contain numerous tools for a diorama setting. Great touch!!! The engine block is the biggest piece but there are other pieces that are also large. All of the pieces must be removed from the pouring blocks, which isn't too much trouble for the larger pieces, but very time consuming. Care and patience must be the rule. However when you get to the small parts such as the hoses, engine arms, exhausts and the rest of the small pieces, you must be very careful. They are so fragile that they could easily break. As far as the quality of the castings is concerned, they are fantastic. I couldn't see any bubbles at all and the details are crisp and true with no flaws whatsoever. The only thing that is called for and not included in the kit is the spark plug wires which must come from your stash.

The directions are somewhat easy to follow but it does need a good look here and there because the order of assembly isn't numbered and it doesn't mention which parts are coming from the intended kit.

I do have a few negatives though: The hoses provided separately and the ones already attached to parts don't quite reach. I ended up using thin plastic wire covering and cut it to length; the included engine cowling has raised details which don't conform to the kit it is recommended for. I feel that the cowling is a stand alone for a diorama setting; this engine also doesn't fit into the cowling of the recommended kit and the bottom of the engine (although it wouldn't be seen) has to be cut off in order to fit in place.

In conclusion, this kit is not recommended for the novice. I would recommend this kit to modelers with experience in resin kits, and the patience to cut out the very fragile parts. Also scratch building experience is necessary as well.

In my opinion, this kit, even though it was built into a beautiful rendition of this motor, should only be used as a stand alone or for a diorama. I feel that it's just too pricey to cut up and hide inside of a cowling of any kit that it could be made to fit into. If you do buy it, build it and show it, then it's worth it.

I want to thank Eduard and IPMS/USA for allowing me to review this kit

  • Incuded photetch
    Incuded photetch
  • Engine block
    Engine block
  • Engine in mount
    Engine in mount
  • Engine and cowling
    Engine and cowling
  • Another view
    Another view
  • View from front
    View from front

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