Drain and Manhole Covers

Published: September 14th, 2017     
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Phil Peterson, IPMS# 8739
Company: Hauler
Price: $9.99
Product / Stock #: HLH72062

Hauler has been making photoetched sets in multiple scales including my favorite, 1/72nd. This set is about as easy of a PE set as you can get. It contains 6 grills (4 of one style and 2 of another) and 15 manhole covers (5 each of 3 styles one of these is square). They literally are just cut from the fret and add to your diorama.

As such no instructions are needed but there actually was a set included with mine. Turns out it is for one of their Typhoon sets. Whoops.

I have been unable to track down what countries the manhole covers are from but pretty sure they are from Europe and should look good in a WWII setting. If anyone can find a location that fits please post the info.

All in all, a nice and easy to use accessory that will liven up that street scene.

Thanks to Hauler and IPMS/USA for the review kit.

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    Product packaging
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