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Published: February 4th, 2016     
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pe fRET
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Dave Morrissette, IPMS# 33653
Scale: n/a
Company: Eduard
Price: $9.95
Product / Stock #: 000037

Eduard has been issuing the world's best photoetch for a long time now and I have watched many of my modeling friends use all sorts of things to add CA glue to the parts - toothpicks, dental tools, sprue parts and many more. The issue is how to apply the minimum amount of glue needed. Eduard has issued a nifty little tool to help apply the glue.

The parts come on a photoetch fret with 20 droppers. The droppers have a etched lower part and come to a tip with two small forks. Use is simple- cut the dropper free and make sure not to damage the tip. It is designed to fit into a #11 knife handle. Place it into the handle like a knife blade and tighten it up.

To use it, put a pool of glue near where you work. Dip the tip in and place the tip onto where you want it. I tried different thicknesses of glue. The thinner the glue, the better it flows off but even fresh gap filling works well. It took a little practice but eventually, I got good a putting down a single dot as it shows in the pictures.

This is a great little tool. I think photoetch really adds to models and this allows better precision at adding super glue. Recommended. My thanks to Eduard for the opportunity to review this set.

  • Fret with One Dropper Removed
    Fret with One Dropper Removed
  • Dropper Assembled
    Dropper Assembled
  • Dropper Tip
    Dropper Tip
  • CA Drops on PE Fret for Placing Glue
    CA Drops on PE Fret for Placing Glue
  • Dropper in Use
    Dropper in Use