Eurofighter Landing Gear (Hasegawa)

Published: August 23rd, 2017     
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Paul Brown, IPMS# 24085
Scale: 1/72
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions
Price: $12.95
Product / Stock #: 72135

The set is designed as drop in replacements for the kit landing gear parts for Hasegawa's recent 1/72 scale Eurofighter/Typhoon. The set consists of 6 white metal parts, a nose gear strut, two main landing gear struts, the nose gear retraction strut and two retraction struts for the main landing gear legs.

As with all of SAC's sets, the castings are excellent. There was a slightly raised casting seam on some of the parts, but this is easily removed with an Xacto knife. The three retraction struts are cast together on small runner, but they are easily removed, but exactly where the casting plug ends and the part begins is not always clear, so I kept the corresponding kit parts nearby for consulting. Be very careful removing the nose gear retraction strut from the runner as it is fairly thin and easily bent, as I discovered. Unfortunately, thin white metal parts do not spring back into place when bent, so as the photos show, I still have some work to do straightening out this strut.

Once the three retraction struts had been removed from the runner, I polished all of the parts with a brass wheel in my portable Dremel tool set on low speed. This helps removed blemishes from the casting process as well as the scraping marks from removing the molding seam. As drop in replacements for the kit parts, the SAC parts fit right into the mounts for the kit gear with no trouble.

This is another nice set from SAC and will help dress up your Eurofighter. Recommended.

Thank you to Scale Aircraft Conversions for the review sample and to IPMS-USA for letting me review it.

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