F-100 Super Sabre Pitot Tube

Published: July 9th, 2017     
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Jim Pearsall, IPMS# 2209
Scale: 1/144
Company: Master Model
Price: $3.20
Product / Stock #: AM-144-013

Master Model of Poland produces small brass parts for detailing models, be they aircraft or ships. They have parts for aircraft in 1/32, 1/35, 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144, mostly pitot tubes, refueling probes, and gun barrels.

This "add-on" is a single pitot tube. It's very fine turned brass. The detail is so fine that I had to use my magnifiers to determine that there are three different diameters on the pitot, getting smaller at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the length.

The instructions are to the point:

  • Remove the kit pitot from the mount.
  • Drill a hole in the mount.
  • Glue the new pitot in the hole using CA
  • Put the mount under the F-100's intake.

I was able to skip step 4, as the kit pitot was already mounted under the nose.

Otherwise, things went very much as planned. I did manage to get the Master pitot mounted slightly off left and right, but the brass part is easily bendable. When I was working on typebar typewriters, back in the last century, we never referred to bending a part. It was always called "forming". So I formed the pitot to straighten it out.

Overall Evaluation

Highly recommended. As you can see in the photos at the bottom, the Master Model part is finer and slightly longer than the kit part. Also, it's far more durable, as you can form the bent pitot back into place. This makes the model look better, and it'll stand up to handling and accidents better than a plastic part.

Thanks to Master Model for the review item, and IPMS USA for allowing me to upgrade my F-100.

  • Instructions
  • Pitot before
    Pitot before
  • Pitot parts comparison
    Pitot parts comparison
  • Pitot hole drilled
    Pitot hole drilled
  • Pitot installed, unpainted
    Pitot installed, unpainted
  • Pitot painted
    Pitot painted