F-14 Weapons Set

Published: July 17th, 2017     
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Dave Morrissette, IPMS# 33653
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard
Price: $29.95
Product / Stock #: SIN64828

Eduard has combined three wonderful resin sets into a combo set called the BigSin set for the Tamiya F-14A. I would think it would also work with other F-14's but watch the variant so you could match it to the missile variants. The set comes in an excellent box with a full set of four AIM-54A Phoenix missiles, four AIM-7E Sparrow missiles and four AIM-9G/H Sidewinders with launch rails and seeker head covers. Each set comes with full stenciling and individual instructions in color including the color call outs for painting. Let's look at the sets individually.

The Sidewinders are comprised of 32 pieces including the launch rails. There is also a small photoetch set for adding detail to the rocket motor back of each missile. Four of those pieces are clear resin for the seeker heads and four parts are the seeker head covers which will look great with RBF tags. Most of parts are very tiny front fins for the missiles. These are well cast but need trimmed from their casting block and then trimmed. Make sure you trim all the parts well especially the front fins. They need to sit close to the missile body. Also, make sure to test fit the fins in the body- any flash on the mating pin will cause it not to slide in easily. The main missile body cuts off of the pour stub- be careful not to damage the finely cast recast fins. I added the PE piece to the back and done. Once assembled, I primed with Alclad Gray and set them aside and moved on to the Sparrows.

The Sparrows are built exactly like the Sidewinders. There are 20 resin parts of which 16 are the front fins and a small photoetch fret again for the rocket motors. The main body was cut loose of the pour block again being careful of the fins. The back is sanded flush and the photoetch glued into place. The front fins are cut off. Make sure they are trimmed well so they sit flush with the missile body. Glue the front fins on and prime with Alclad Gray.

Lastly, I built the AIM-54 Phoenix missiles and here I ran into trouble. The missiles are split into front and back and so there are eight total parts for the four missiles. The front of the missile has a pout stub that needs removed and sanded flush. Cut the fins loose first. They are very delicate and superbly thin but any torque from cutting and they will break loose. I slightly broke one until I figured out a good process. The rocket motor and rear fins were a different issue. The fins are again, remarkably thin and butt up against where you need to remove the casting block. I could not get the spot sanded flush without ripping off fins. In the end, I removed all the rear fins, then sanded smooth and filled any gaps with putty smoothed with lacquer thinner and then added the fins back onto the missile. This does, however, make them a little fragile. One all that was done, I primed with Alclad Gray Primer.

The paint schemes vary by missile. The AIM-54 Phoenix has simple paint scheme as it is overall Insignia white with a stainless steel ring behind the warhead. I used Tamiya paint for the white, masked and used Tamiya gloss Silver for the ring. It was set aside to dry. The AIM-7E Sparrow has two paint schemes - white with gray warhead and gray with white warhead. I chose white with gray warhead and painted again with Tamiya and used Tamiya Gray for the warhead. Lastly, the AIM-9G/H Sidewinder was painted gloss white. The warhead was masked and Tamiya metallic gray was used first and then stainless steel on the seeker head section.

There are a full set of decals for each missile- 41 separate decals on the Phoenix alone. Do not use Microsol on these decals, they dissolve quickly and are ruined. Microset seemed to work well but water does just fine. Take your time and add all the decals. I finished one missile from each set. When the decals were added and dry, I added a wash and wiped off and then flat coated the missiles. Lastly, I added the clear seeker head onto the AIM-9. I also painted a seeker head cover for the pictures.

This set is very, very well detailed and is recommended with a caveat on the Phoenix rear fins. Talking to some other modelers, it appears they knocked off some fins too but I seemed to take to it the extreme which is my ham fisted ability.

My thanks to Eduard for the opportunity to review this set.

  • Missile Parts 1
    Missile Parts 1
  • Missile Parts 2
    Missile Parts 2
  • Missile Parts 3
    Missile Parts 3
  • AIM-7 Missile
    AIM-7 Missile
  • AIM-7 Missile Motor
    AIM-7 Missile Motor
  • AIM-7 Rear Section
    AIM-7 Rear Section
  • AIM-9
  • AIM-9 Clear Seeker Head 1
    AIM-9 Clear Seeker Head 1
  • AIM-9 Clear Seeker Head 2
    AIM-9 Clear Seeker Head 2
  • AIM-9 Seeker Head  Cover 1
    AIM-9 Seeker Head Cover 1
  • AIM-9 Seeker Head  Cover 2
    AIM-9 Seeker Head Cover 2
  • AIM-54 Phoenix
    AIM-54 Phoenix
  • AIM-54 Front
    AIM-54 Front
  • AIM-54 Motor Section
    AIM-54 Motor Section
  • All Missiles Plus Launch Rail & Seeker Head
    All Missiles Plus Launch Rail & Seeker Head