F-5F/N Defenders of the Conch Republic

Published: August 29th, 2014     
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Steve Zajac, IPMS# 34937
Scale: 1/48
Company: Twobobs Aviation Graphics
Price: $14.00
Product / Stock #: 48-242

US Navy squadron VFC-111, stationed at Key West, Florida, is the only F-5 Adversary Squadron on the East Coast. In the 2012-13 timeframe, a new tail scheme was approved for all of the squadron aircraft. Twobobs last provided a decal sheet for VFC-111 in 2007 (48-143). At that time, the only kit in town was the venerable Revell/Monogram version. Happily, Twobobs has updated the sheet with the Sun Downers' latest F-5N/F schemes, and you can try them out on the newer AFV Club kit.

The color diagrams of seven aircraft are superbly laid out in four perspectives: top, bottom, left and right:

  • F-5N: 70th anniversary scheme, done in a WWII gray/blue.
  • F-5N: a three-color gray scheme with full red/white Sun Downers tail and shark mouth.
  • F-5F: a three-color blue/gray scheme with full red/white Sun Downers tail and shark mouth; the only F version included.
  • F-5N: half red/white Sun Downers tail on the movable surface only.

You get enough decals to do the anniversary scheme, one of the full-tail Sun Downers aircraft, and one of the half-tail schemes. There are four stencil sets, so you'll have one stencil set left over for another aircraft of your choice. Under a magnifying glass, the stencil wording is crystal clear!

The decals are sized for the 1/48th scale AFV Club F-5N & F-5F kits, though the old Monogram kit is mentioned as a choice as well. The FS colors are matched to the Testors, Humbrol, Gunze, and Xtracrylics [sic] paint equivalents, except for FS35190, a 'Flanker' blue color. You will have to mix some blue and gray to get this color on your own, as it's not widely available in the popular brands.

Overall, highly recommended! Thanks to Twobobs Aviation Graphics and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this decal sheet.

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