F-84G Thunderjet Landing Gear

Published: January 6th, 2018     
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Dave Morrissette, IPMS# 33653
Scale: 1/48
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions
Price: $14.95
Product / Stock #: 48340

Scale Aircraft Conversions continues issuing white metal landing gear for not only new kits but older ones also. In this case, set 48430 is made for the Tamiya 1/48th scale F-84G series. This set is four parts - the two main legs while the front gear is two parts itself. Parts are made from white metal and are duplicates of the Tamiya kit parts but made of stronger white metal.

Looking at the nose landing gear, there are two parts in the kit and the SAC set. The SAC gear will require some straightening and is as nicely detailed as the Tamiya part. The layout of either will result in some work sanding around the linkages. The main gear legs are direct drop in replacements.

 Testing the fit of both gear into their appropriate positions, the gear fits very well with no needed modifications. Clean up should be simple with a slight molding line appearing in a few small areas.

Tamiya's F-84G is a nice kit and one of the first things you note when opening the kit is the large ball bearing for the nose weight, SAC's front white metal gear is a great option to have for strength. One thing I also think of when thinking replacement landing gear is the dreaded "carpet monster" - you lose a gear, you get a replacement set and you are all set.

In summary, nice molding, stronger white metal and a direct drop in for the kit parts makes Scale Aircraft Conversions F-84G set recommended as a replacement for lost parts or as extra strength for the weight needed.

My thanks to Ross and the fine people as Scale Aircraft conversions for the chance to review this set.

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