F4U-5 Corsair Night Gun Barrels

Published: February 6th, 2016     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus - IPMS# 35035
Scale: 1/48
Company: Quickboost
Price: $6.50
Product / Stock #: QB 48 667
Product provided by: Aires Hobby Models

The Vought F4U-5N Corsairs were delivered from the factory with four 20mm cannons with installed flash suppressors. Quickboost provides you with a set of Vought F4U-5N 20mm cannon fairings with flash suppressors. Of note is the re-sealable packaging that Quickboost uses that makes the parts easy to review and then stuff back into the package securely. There are no supplied instructions; you simply swap out the Hobby Boss provided plastic parts with the new Quickboost replacements. Although these cannon fairings with flash suppressors could be used on other F4U-5N kits with modification, Quickboost already has a set out for the Hasegawa F4U-5N kit (QB 48 680).

Quickboost has molded the cannon fairings with flash suppressors perfectly in light grey resin with no apparent bubbles. The Quickboost exhausts have no mold seams to sand off along with a hollowed out barrel flash suppressors.

Although most paints will adhere to resin alone, I would recommend that you wash the parts to remove any remaining mold release and prime them first. The cannon fairings with flash suppressors will need to be installed with your favorite CA (super glue) or epoxy, as the normal plastic glues or solvents will not react with the resin.

Be very careful removing the parts from the resin block, especially the barrels with the flash suppressors. I used a photo-etched razor saw to remove the parts and then touched up with a swipe of a sanding stick. Total preparation time for the exhausts was under ten minutes. You may wish to leave the flash suppressors off until you are nearly finished with your model, as they are just begging to be knocked off into the jaws of your carpet monster.

What you will notice in the attached comparison photograph, is that both the inner and outer cannon fairings are of different lengths. The Hobby Boss inner cannon fairing fits into a back-stop in the Hobby Boss lower wing. Since the inner cannon fairings are different lengths, fitting the Quickboost cannon fairing to this backstop will provide a different length compared to the Hobby Boss part. Checking my reference photographs, I think the Quickboost length is better, but I don't have any views perpendicular to the wing leading edge.

The Quickboost outer cannon fairing does not have the same forward rocket mount stub as the Hobby Boss cannon fairing. There is plenty of photographic evidence of Corsairs with both styles, so it depends on if you want to display your F4U-5N with or without rockets. The bigger issue with the Quickboost outer cannon fairing is that it does not fit the half circle opening in the wing. I decided to cut the half circle wing opening to a full circle to fit the Quickboost outer cannon fairing, but that path will take some putty to make it look right. A second path I might consider is using the Hobby Boss outer cannon fairing and adding the Quickboost flash suppressor. .

This product is a good way to enhance your F5U-5N Corsair. Even with the decision on how to mount the outer cannon fairing, this set is well worth the time and cost. This product is highly recommended due to the superior appearance of the Quickboost flash suppressors.

Thanks to Aires Hobby Models and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this set.

  • Cannon Openings
    Cannon Openings
  • Gun Barrels
    Gun Barrels
  • Gun Barrels
    Gun Barrels
  • Gun Barrels Hobby Boss-Quickboost
    Gun Barrels Hobby Boss-Quickboost
  • Inner Cannon Fairing Backstop
    Inner Cannon Fairing Backstop
  • Inner Cannon HB-HB
    Inner Cannon HB-HB
  • Inner Cannon HB-QB
    Inner Cannon HB-QB
  • Inner-Outer Cannon HB-HB
    Inner-Outer Cannon HB-HB

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