Ferrari 126C2 - Long Beach 1982 - Part 2

Published: January 1st, 2009     
Box Art
Box Art
Reviewed by: Jack Kennedy - IPMS# 12511
Scale: 1/20
Company: Fujimi
Price: $49.95
Product / Stock #: 9032
Product provided by: Dragon Models USA

When I wrote the first part of this review, I briefly outlined the story behind this unusual race car. In this part I'll actually build the kit.

Upon opening the box I found 144 parts. All molded very crisply with fine detail. I didn't follow the instructions step by step as I was anxious to build the engine. This consisted of 44 parts. Assembly went very quickly with a terrific fit on all parts. Basically no cleanup was needed. When completed I primed it with Duplicolor Automotive light grey primer and then airbrushed with Duplicolor Silver. When this was dry, I gave the engine dark washes and a light drybrushing with bright silver. This really popped out the detail.

I think the engine is a standout on its own. I airbrushed the sub assemblies for the chassis and suspension with Model Master Flat Black and Silver. The assembly of the chassis was very simple and all parts fit nicely. The suspension was a bit tricky to get all lined up properly but with a little patience and trial fitting it all went together. I used CA glue on some of the parts that would require a solid hold and Tenax for the rest.

The chrome rear wings were a little challenging as they needed CA glue to hold them and even with that, they kept getting knocked off. I would recommend making the wing assembly and setting it aside until after all else is finished including the decals.

The decals were a bit tricky as they were super thin and some of them didn't want to come off the backing paper. They did eventually and set without any setting solution. The tire decals were strange as they were printed in reverse and then had to be applied to the tires. The Goodyear logo was so long on the tire decal that it curled into itself several times. As a result, I screwed up a few and wound up using only those on the outside. Hope nobody notices that fault.

It was really difficult to fault much about this kit. I will say that the chrome wings should be silver or aluminum. The wheel inserts should be gold on the inside instead of chrome, so I painted them with Model Master Gold. The instructions were a bit of a disappointment as they were entirely in Japanese.

Overall, I liked the kit a lot. It looks superb when finished. I want to display it with the cockpit off to show off all the fine detail of the engine, suspension and chassis. I would recommend this to all Grand Prix addicts as I am. This is a significant racer even if just for its strange staggered wings, a must for any Ferrari F.1 collector.

I wish to thank Fujimi and Dragon Models USA for supplying the review kit

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    Engine Detail
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    Completed Model
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