Flexible Scribing Ruler

Published: December 27th, 2019     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Dave Morrissette - IPMS# 33653
Company: UMM-USA
Price: $3.00
Product / Stock #: MN040
Product provided by: UMM-USA

UMM-USA continues it tradition of innovative and useful tools with part MN040, a Flexible Scribing Ruler. What comes in the package it a 6.5-inch-long thin stainless steel ruler. I say ruler but there are really no demarcation lines on it like what is usually thought of as a ruler. But that does not affect its use at all. This can be used in combination with any of the UMM-USA scribing tools or the Template Scriber. The ruler is 0.08mm (about 0.003 inches) thick and is very flexible and strong and can work on curved surfaces.

To give this a test run, I used a Skywarrior that has been waiting for some rescribing due to a lot of sanding/seam filling. And I do mean a lot. As you can see in the pictures, the ruler taped to the curve on the top of the fuselage which will allow a great panel line to be made. I also wanted to show the bend and this is also in one picture. Lastly, the Skywarrior has a box like fuselage so I bent the ruler around the corner one a line and it worked well. I was using my scriber from UMM for the test (version 3) and it worked great with the ruler.

If you have a difficult kit to rescribe, this is essential to help keep straight lines and consistent engraving. Highly recommended.

My thanks to UMM USA for the opportunity to review this great tool.

  • Using the Rule
    Using the Rule
  • Bending Around the Tail
    Bending Around the Tail
  • Bending Around a Fuselage Corner
    Bending Around a Fuselage Corner
  • Bending Around the Nose
    Bending Around the Nose
  • Yes, It Bends a LOT
    Yes, It Bends a LOT

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