FUG-202 Lichtenstein Aircraft Radar Antennas

Published: December 5th, 2017     
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Reviewed by: Ben Morton - IPMS# 47301
Scale: 1/48
Company: Brengun
Price: $5.95
Product / Stock #: 48084
Product provided by: Hauler

According to an on-line dictionary, fug is a warm, stuffy, or smoky atmosphere in a room. If you capitalize certain letters you get FuG, which is an abbreviation for Funk-Gerat radio set.

That radio set was part of the Lichtenstein radar (that) was among the earliest airborne radars available to the Luftwaffe in World War II and the first one used exclusively for air interception. Developed by Telefunken, it was available in at least four major revisions, called FuG 202 Lichtenstein B/C, FuG 212 Lichtenstein C-1, FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2 and the very rarely used FuG 228 Lichtenstein SN-3.

The Lichtenstein series remained the only widely deployed airborne interception radar used by the Germans on their night fighters during the war -- the competing FuG 216 through 218 Neptun mid-VHF band radar systems were meant as a potentially more versatile stopgap system through 1944, until the microwave-based FuG 240 "Berlin"could be mass-produced; the Berlin system was still being tested when the war ended. (Wikipedia)

Brengun has released a small photo-etched sheet that has four, complete Lichtenstein radar antenna. These are straight forward replacement parts for those supplied by the kit manufacturer. What you don't get are the mounting post for those antenna. So don't get all carried away and start tossing out parts, at least not right away. Just fold each antenna over upon itself, spread them apart, and viola! Glue your instant radar antenna to the kit supplied mounting post and your work is done. (With Brengun's help, of course.)

As noted in the instructions these antenna may be used on any aircraft model from any kit manufacturer that employed the FuG 202 Lichtenstein radar. The aircraft include, but are not limited to, the follow:

  • Ju-88 C/R
  • Me-110 F/G
  • He-219
  • Ta-154 V3
  • Do-215
  • Do-217 J/N

My thanks to Brengun for the review copy.

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