FW-190A Propeller

Published: November 7th, 2017     
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Robert Head, IPMS# 48922
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard
Price: $7.95
Product / Stock #: 672086

About the Item

What we have here is a very detailed albeit tiny replacement propeller, hub and mechanism for the new line of Eduard 1/72nd FW-190A series Kits.

What's in the Box?

The box comes with a total of 7 resin pieces in molded light and dark gray with the 8th piece being the prop blade alignment tool.

These propeller parts are in my opinion a quality part and what amazed me was even as small as they were the rivet detail was still evident and stood out! The Eduard kit parts are very basic and do not pack a lot of detail so this set is for sure a must for the 1/72 scale enthusiast.

The Build

This is a pain free build and hurt my eyes more than anything. I did not use any tool more than the sprue cutter and a #11 scalpel blade to clean up the parts. They are quality parts but keep in mind very brittle and prone to break just due to the small size so please exercise caution when handling them.

There is no photoetched template included in this set due to the spinner/backing plate already having the necessary holes already drilled for you to the point you just slide the prop shaft all the way through

I also once appreciated the provided prop blade alignment tool included and it helped getting that perfect angle for the blades, which was secured with Zap brand thin CA.


I chose to stick to Model Master enamels once again for the painting of the propeller and related components. I sanded and cleaned up the propeller blades using 91% rubbing alcohol as I do with most plastic and resin parts.

After a quick drying time, I used model master primer followed by MM flat black for the propeller blades and hub. The prop mechanism and backplate got painted flat black as well. If you ever want something to work your patience by all means try to place the spinner decal on something that small....it hurts, no literally it hurt my eyes and fingers to go so slow working that little decal lol. After I painstakingly got it though I sealed it with future then Dullcote and called it a night, mission complete!


It was great to enjoy Eduard's 1/72nd scale revolution series of models and definitely honed my model skills and patience. My thanks to IPMS, Dave Morrissette and Dick Montgomery for allowing me to review this item for my build and many thanks to Eduard for the opportunity to enjoy yet another wonderful product of theirs.

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