FW-190F-8 Interior Weekend (Photoetch Details)

Published: May 2nd, 2017     
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PE Package
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Brian R. Baker, IPMS# 43146
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard
Price: $9.95
Product / Stock #: SS549

This product is a small photo-etched sheet of metal that provides interior details for the cockpit of the Eduard FW-190A/F kit. It provides details for the instrument panel, seat belts and shoulder harnesses, and at least one interior wheel control for the cockpit side. Instructions are clear, and the effect on the cockpit interior is traumatic. The only problem I had was with the large piece for the side panels along with the mounting face for the lower instrument panel. This is all done in one piece, and I had trouble lining it up, so I had to cut the side control portions off and glue them directly to the cockpit parts on the kit. This is a welcome addition to the kit, and is worth getting. It is a lot easier to use these than it is to paint the kit details under a microscope. Recommended.

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  • FW-190 Finished 1
    FW-190 Finished 1
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    FW-190 Finished 2
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    FW-190 Finished 3