Halifax B Mk. III canopy masks

Published: October 11th, 2016     
Product Image
Canopy masks
Reviewed by: Rod Lees - IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard
Price: $12.95
Product / Stock #: CX 458
Product provided by: Eduard

Thanks to Eduard for providing more of their excellent aftermarket parts for IPMS USA to review, and to IPMS leadership for sending it to me!

This set is simple to use; Kabuki tape masks for all the clear bits! Included are masks for all the windows, canopy parts, and gun turrets, and wheels. One benefit of these sets is the ability to mask off VERY tiny windows; in this case, all the 1/8" round porthole windows, and some of the intersecting canopy window bits. These can be less than 1/16" across, and are VERY difficult to mask; same with the turret frames, because of the complex curves. Eduard utilizes multiple small tape masks to make sure you cover all the areas without wrinkling, which leads to paint creep under the tape.

After you have installed the canopies and other items, just remove the masks with the tip of a #11 Xacto knife blade, and press into position. Spray paint with interior colors, then the final exterior colors; flatcoat, then remove the masks. Done!

Using these masks really saves a TON of time and bad language, as otherwise you will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get everything into place. Kabuki tape is the ultimate masking tape, as it is thick enough to work with, and settles into place if you press firmly. If you try to do this job the old fashioned way by yourself with frosty tape and a scalpel, (scotch(r) tape for example) the tape is not so flexible and tends to leave residue. The only drawback to kabuki tape is it is opaque, which means if you have little to no framing to burnish the tape into, it can be difficult to mask parts like the turrets and canopy. Eduard uses a computer and does it for you! Just also remember to use a toothpick to burnish the tape into corners right before you spray, and the paint will usually not creep under unless you flood the parts.


I recommend this set for the reasons noted above. Make your life easier... use these! Thanks again to Eduard and IPMS leadership for bringing these sets to my door; this set is a time saver and makes major difference in the final kit's appearance as far as canopies are concerned!

  • Eduard Halifax paint masks
    Eduard Halifax paint masks
  • Eduart halifax paint masks mid upper turret
    Eduart halifax paint masks mid upper turret
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