Higgins PT Boat On Deck

Published: May 16th, 2012     
Box Art
Box Art
Author: David Doyle
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Mike Kellner, IPMS# 30864
Company: Squadron Products
ISBN #: 978-0-89747-654-6
Other Publication Information: Paperback, 80 pages
Price: $18.95
Product / Stock #: SS26008

The Higgins PT boat is lesser known than the Elco PT boat probably because a future president wasn't driving one that got cut in half by an enemy destroyer. There were only 209 Higgins PT boats built versus 326 Elco 80-foot PT boats, but it’s claimed by various sources that more Higgins 78-foot PT boats survive today.           

This soft-cover book measures 8 1/4 by 11 inches, the same as others in this "On Deck" series, and is 80 pages in length, with a good mix of vintage photos and other shots of some surviving restored boats. It is also available in a hardcover version for an additional nine dollars, as stock number SS66008. 

After a short introduction, the rest of the book is comprised of photos with detailed descriptions. When the author uses a picture of a restored boat, he tells the reader which one it is.  I like this practice, since not all restorations are correct or accurate. One restored boat featured in the book is PT-309, which resides at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas.  This boat was named "Oh Frankie" after her Skipper met Frank Sinatra at a New York City nightclub, and was credited with sinking 5 enemy ships in the Mediterranean.  Even though it’s inside a building (dry) the author did an excellent job of getting some nice photos, and he notes what items on the boat are original and w